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Uniclic Flooring

What is Uniclic Flooring?

Uniclic floors consist of solid flooring layers with a real wood surface. It can be challenging, and they have the advantage of being more durable and more substantial than a solid wood board.

The Uniclic flooring system allows you to use two methods-angling and snaps-to mount the floor panels. Uniclic is thus a preferred solution for the closing of flooring systems for do-it-yourself systems. Before the actual installation, please consult and read the printed and comprehensive manufacturer installation instructions.

Floors require uniclic flooring since the floor intends that its leather floors, cork floors, laminated floors, or traditional solid wood floors installed without the use of cloth or glue.

Flooring Dubai makes it easy to install and transform a room or a whole home because you don’t have to think about adding glue to the floor or even clamping the floor onto the floor to save time and money.

Uniclic Flooring gives the overall appearance and beauty of the Room

Uniclic’s quality can have a significant impact on a room’s overall appearance and beauty. However, a high-quality Uniclic will provide stability and improved performance for customers in the full board flooring and Carpets, so they can spend more time enjoying their floor and take less time worrying about the security of their new floor. This tool makes it fast and easy if everything on your floor damages aboard.

This flooring Dubai is easy and quick for all of you, DIY fans, and installed with the particular Uniclic system. The glue-free mount makes lying or relaying anywhere convenient and straightforward, so if you move to your house, you can take it with you. Growing board tightly locks together, ensuring a smooth joint, which will prevent dirt or dust from shrinking.

Features & Advantages of Uniclic Flooring

  •         Fully integrated Uniclic flooring installation system.
  •         High-definition surface structures that boost the floor’s authentic looks.
  •         There is a Choice of the latest technology and designs.
  •         Flexible fitting options – anywhere in the room, you can start.
  •         Towards the floor of reduction of hygienic allergy.
  •         It can be used together with underlay noise reduction.
  •         Flexible to use with heating systems embedded under floors.

Installation Process – Unique Uniclic Flooring

  •  Determine the underlying before installation. That helps to prevent moisture from your engineered floor. You can start the installation of uniclic flooring platforms once that done.
  • In the case of expansions, using spacer bars to create a distance between the planks and the wall. Once in place, placed on two tables and join them, but leave the grooved side exposed and in the second row, obtain the tables. Continue this way until the bottom of the row reached.
  • The rest of the room might be less than a board when you hit bottom. With a pencil trace, the length of the room, and the rest of the board seen off. To finish the first row, use the cut plank.
  • Behold the uniclic planks have to be locked together when you set the second row. Click and drop the tongue into the groove to enter. Put the plank down when you hear it.
  • Keep locking the planks in each row to the other end of the wall. You will notice that the gap is less than the length of a board or a spacer bar when you reach the end of a row. Just use the same procedure you did for step 3
  • You will save money, energy, and time with your uniclic flooring and the unique installation method. Adhesives or nails will not be needed. Just click and lock the planks, and you’re going to get to a lovely new ground.


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