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Flooring Dubai is the focal point of every home, so it must be beautiful and attractive. The design and color of the flooring will have a big impact on the floors, so you must buy the ideal flooring from us. We are one of the best manufacturers of flooring in Dubai. We provide all types of flooring, such as wood flooring, laminate, vinyl, bamboo flooring, and parquet flooring.

All our products are of prime quality because we never compromise on the quality of our products. We test the texture and quality of our flooring before we hand it over to our customers, so our customers always get flawless flooring Dubai for their homes and offices vinyl Floor.

Laminate Parquet Flooring

What Type Of Flooring Dubai Do You Need

Now the question is, what type of flooring Dubai do you need for your place? We provide all types of flooring for all types of floors. No matter whether your floor has a low water level or a high water level, we will provide you with the best flooring for your area.

Home Floorings

We provide all types of home flooring for our customers so they can decorate their place in the best way.

Our all-home flooring Dubai is resistant to stains, water, and slipping, so they can make your place more secure and worth living in.

Our best home Dubai flooring  choices are vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, and parquet flooring.

Home Laminate Flooring

Commercial Flooring

We not only provide flooring Dubai for homes, but we also have a large selection of flooring for commercial areas. We have hundreds of satisfied customers who have installed our flooring in their hotels, restaurants, offices, factories, and business areas.

Our commercial flooring is beneficial for employees as it is very comfortable and also prevents them from injuries. The most famous commercial flooring products are rubber flooring, gym flooring, and EPDM flooring.

Our Gallery

Benefits of Our Flooring Installation Services

When you buy flooring from us, you are going to get a large number of benefits. Our flooring Dubai is unique and stylish as compared to other floorings in the market, so have a look at the advantages of our floorings.

Flooring Design and Trends

We are the best flooring manufacturer in Dubai, and we have a large stock of the latest design trends to ensure that we are superior in the market today. The biggest trends we are offering are:

More Giant Planks – We provide more exciting trends in hardwood laminate flooring in Dubai that are longer and wider planks.

High Gloss Finishes – The next latest trend we are offering in flooring is a gloss option that is non-slip too. So, even on a budget, it can deliver a really chic final look.

Smooth Vinyl Flooring

Furnish Your Home!

With the furnishing looks of our flooring Dubai, you can easily glorify your place. Our floors can adjust to all types of floors, so they can give excellent results in all types of interior decoration.

Our laminate and hardwood flooring are the best options for homeowners who want a vibrant touch to their boring home environment.


When you buy our flooring, you are going to get another benefit, which is our experience. We have been providing flooring for almost 15 years in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and have handled thousands of flooring projects, so we have experience of handling odd and new floors easily.

We can provide the best flooring according to your floor type after testing the type of your floor. We also keep in mind the requirements of our customers.

Expert Installation

We never allow our customers to face the troubles of flooring installation. That’s why we are providing installation services for our flooring at highly affordable rates through our expert workers.

Our professional craftsmen have been working with us for 15 years and have gathered a lot of experience, so they will never disappoint you during the installation of your flooring.

Excellent Customer Service

We care for our customers, so being friendly, fair, truthful, and reliable means we give free samples to our customers to browse and, if they demand it, free quotations as well.

We also allow you to compare the quality of our flooring Dubai to the other flooring in the market, so you can easily trust us and buy with confidence from us.

Great Prices

By providing the best flooring in Dubai rates, we serve our customers in the best way. The standard rates of our flooring allow our customers to buy them easily according to their needs.

Although the rates of our flooring are low, the standards are high. We never compromise on the quality of our flooring and try to give the best flooring to all our customers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Why Choose us?

Carpet Dubai has developed a reputation in residential and commercial communities over the past two decades by promoting satisfying relationships with our customers. Our Flooring Dubai is of premium quality, and we also try to fulfill all the requirements of our customers.

The rates of all types of flooring, whether commercial or domestic, are highly affordable. We also provide flooring installation services to our customers at highly affordable rates. So contact us now, and get your dream flooring from us.

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