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EPDM flooring Dubai is the best flooring solutions for nurseries, schools, playgrounds, parks, and daycare centers. EPDM rubber flooring provides you smooth, and uniform surface without seams. It is a multipurpose, safe, and durable flooring option and has high compliance with many applications.

If you’re looking for the best EPDM rubber tiles installer, Carpet Dubai is providing the best rubber granules flooring and installation services across UAE. We have great quality EPDM tiles collection and well-trained professional staff to equip your floors efficiently.

We’re the leading epdm granules suppliers that offers you premium quality of EPDM flooring at the lowest cost. We are not only offering great quality and the lowest rates, but we also offers you a wide color range, flooring types, textures, and patterns to suit your taste and specific need. We are also capable to craft custom EPDM rubber flooring as per your requirement at affordable rates.

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Types Of EPDM Flooring

We are one of the best and leading wholesale custom professional epdm flooring in the entire United Arab Emirates. Being the top company, we have brought a wide collection of different types of EPDM floors for our clients.

So, you can choose your floor covering just according to your taste and requirements. Some of the major and most durable EPDM floor covering solutions you can avail off at our store and online are mentioned below.

EPDM Gym Flooring

Gyms are such places where the chances of getting injured are greater, so having a durable and secure type of flooring is a necessary part of any gym.

So we provide our clients with the highest quality EPDM gym flooring. These durable floors can also bear the heavyweight of bulky gym equipment as well.

EPDM Gym Flooring

EPDM Rubber Flooring

Our epdm rubber mat has got an extensive collection of styles and it also comes in a wide range of colors. This type of rubber EPDM flooring Dubai is used to protect the floors of airports, healthcare facilities, offices, and outdoor play areas as well.

We offer high-quality rubber flooring to our customers so that they can enjoy a long-term serviceability approach after the installation of such amazing quality floors.

EPDM Rubber Flooring

EPDM Playground Flooring

If you want to add to the value of playground floors with really tough and highly strengthened flooring, then EPDM Playground Flooring by Carpet Dubai is the best choice ever. This floor covering solution provides you with a smooth and uniform surface with no smudges or bumps.

Our flooring is safe, can face the harshness of weather, and is multi-purpose as well. These floors will provide serviceability for many years without deteriorating at all.

EPDM Playground Flooring

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EPDM Flooring Installation

There are currently very few suppliers and installers of EPDM floors in Dubai, and we are among them. Installing EPDM floors is a really technical process and great expertise is required. Our floor fixing crew is completely knowledgeable about all the tactics and techniques employed for the flawless installation of EPDM floors in Dubai.

After the purchase of high-quality EPDM flooring Dubai, you must consider the installation of EPDM floors by a professional. Keep our company in mind for seamless and up-to-date EPDM Floor Installation and enjoy 100% flawless floor fixing and installation at your doorstep at budget-friendly rates.

EPDM Flooring Installation.

Benefits of EPDM Flooring

EPDM floors comes with infinite benefits, we’re mentioning here a few & core benefits.


EPDM floors are extremely soft, smooth, and shock absorbing and give you cushion fall plush softness. It is also anti-skid, anti-bacterial, and easy to clean in nature.

Versatile Applications

EPDM Tiles floor Dubai is multipurpose flooring and compatible with all surfaces. Usually, it more frequently uses at kindergarten schools, parks, stairs, walkways, ponds, pools, and exterior/interior finishes. It is also best suited for RV & corrugated roof coatings.

EPDM floors are adopting nature and can be viable for all kinds of applications.


EPDM tiles and rubber flooring is highly sustainable and has weather resistance, waterproof, and UV/UVB resistant abilities. It can also withstand the worst weather & temperature deviation up to -40F to 300F.


This is the most beautiful thing about the EPDM floors, it comes in over a hundred aesthetic colors, textures, and patterns. EPDM granules and sheets enable you to carve any imaginative design.


This is easy to clean, shock-absorbing, soft in nature. EPDM Flooring Dubai provides you smooth running & jumping surface. EPDM sheet floors have insulating and noise reduction abilities too.

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