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The Ccarpetdubai presents to you the most extensive and versatile collection of Wall Panels In Dubai, an entirely timeless and value-for-money wall treatment. Our high-quality panels for walls are a smart substitute for traditional paint jobs and wallpapers and will protect plus beautify your walls for the longest periods of time.

These panels are an excellent treatment to hide all ugly walls and make your buildings luxurious, comfortable and energy-efficient, totally on a budget!

100% Eco-friendly
Free From VOCs
Compatible With Every Wall
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Custom Wall Panels for Personalized Decor

Other than ready-made panels for walls, we also offer the most unique and purposefully customized options of panels to help you create personalized decors. These custom panels will be the most excellent fit for your spaces and will provide you with several additional benefits.

You can get any design, print, pattern, color, and effect option for these custom panels. Not to mention 3d options too which look incredibly interesting and can make any area look mind-blowing in no time.

Long-term Serviceability
Effective Wall Protection
High Cost-effectivity

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Types Of Wall Art We Provide

Wooden Panels

This category includes solid wood panels (Oak, Pine, Walnut, Maple, Cedar, etc.) MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) panels and reclaimed wood options for a traditional decor.

PVC Panels

These eco-friendly panels are highly versatile and can even be used in humid or moisture-prone areas and outdoors, plus are easy to clean, and pet-friendly.

Glass Panels

This collection has glass, mirrored and reflective panel options that offer space expansion advantages and high resale value, best for creating luxurious decors.

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Benefits Of Adding Wall Panels To Homes & Offices

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Higher Insulation

With our thick wall panels, your buildings will become more naturally warm as they reduce heat loss through walls and also keep the external cold away.

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Easy Maintenance

These panels are easy to clean themselves and make it convenient to maintain tidy and hygienic interiors with no stains, marks, or odors.

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Increased Protection

These panels are fire-resistant and prove to be maximally helpful in case of fire outbreaks, offer protection from short circuits and keep moisture damage away.

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Improved Energy-efficiency

These panels minimize the need for HVAC by maintaining a well-balanced temperature indoors and they also improve the working of air conditioners for greater comfort.

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Luxurious Upgrades

Getting our wall Dubai paneling treatment is the best way to beautify your home or workspace interior without much trouble, time consumption or expenses.

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Better Comfort

With these panels, you can enjoy the coziest and most pleasant interiors as they provide improved air quality, better noise reduction and efficient air circulation.

Why Choose Us?

Carpet Dubai is a renowned provider of Wall Panels for both residential and commercial settings. In addition to the finest quality panels, we also offer fast and affordable installation services for them, helping you with hassle-free interior improvements. Our panel fitting services are highly economical and will make your homes incredibly comfortable, enhancing their energy efficiency and resale value.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Of course, wall paneling makes an excellent wall treatment and is an innovative alternative to traditional wall coverings such as paint jobs or wallpapers. It effectively protects walls from all kinds of damage, is easy to clean, and makes all interiors warm, cozy, and energy-efficient.

Painting walls before painting them is a good idea as it helps with the concealing of nails, cuts and/or scuff marks. This also ensures a clean and seamless background to cover any gaps between the panels. Also, painting the walls before the addition of panels is simpler than the other way around (painting after paneling).

At Carpet Dubai, we provide complete, efficient and quick services for wall panel installations. You can get our services for both residential and commercial spaces and we also treat and fix all the damages of your walls before adding the panels. Our panel fitting job is highly long-lasting.

Wall paneling is done in some steps: planning and taking measurements of the desired area, cutting the panels, smoothening and sanding the walls, applying the panels and filling in any gaps. Depending on individual preferences, the panels can also be primed and painted.

Wall paneling is made from several materials such as MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard), PVC, Wood, Stone, Bamboo, Gypsum and Mirror. Other than these, Particle Board, Fabricated, Glass and Upholstered Panels are popular options for decorative treatments.

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