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Explore beautiful and budget-friendly Office Carpet Tiles for all Dubai workspaces. We provide the best carpet tiles for high traffic areas in offices to help you design the most attractive commercial spaces. Our office carpet squares are available in multiple styles, sizes, shapes and colors to complement every kind of decor and you can get custom designed carpets as well.

At Carpet Dubai, Our eco-friendly carpet tiles for modern offices help create sustainable and pleasant interiors with improved air office carpet tiles in Dubai

For creating the trendiest offices you must consider installing our best commercial carpet tile in Dubai. With offering the most versatile, elegant, and durable office floor carpet tiles, we ensure protecting and enhancing your floors for longer periods of time.

Carpet Dubai is committed to providing you with the world’s finest and plushest carpet floor tiles for attractive office floors Dubai. Our services are available in all areas of Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

Luxury Office Carpet Tiles Dubai

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Beneficial Features Of Our Office Carpet Planks

We offer the best collection of modern carpeting tiles for modern coworking spaces, luxurious executive offices and busy call centers. Our commercial carpets tiles dubai are manufactured with keen attention to detail. Here are some benefits of installing these carpets in your workspaces:

  • Our thick modular carpets make the floors comfortable, safe and anti-slip.
  • These easy-to-clean office carpet tiles can last long with minimal maintenance and help save time.
  • Our noise-reducing carpet tiles for open office plans help with minimizing disturbance and improving productivity.
  • We offer a range of customizable office carpet tile designs, shapes and sizes to provide a perfect fit for every space.
  • They provide high insulation and reduce the need for artificial warmth or cooling, minimizing energy expenses

Areas To Install Our Commercial Carpet Squares

Our modular carpets Dubai are extremely versatile and can be used in all indoor and outdoor areas.

Open Office Plans: We provide hard-wearing and noise-reducing carpet tiles for open office plan interiors to create an inviting look and a disruption-free environment.

Office Flooring: Our anti-slip carpet tiles are available in multiple elegant colors and patterns for a unique personal office decor.

High Traffic Areas: Get our easy-to-clean, highly durable and acoustic carpet tiles for high traffic areas in offices

Conference Rooms: Our luxurious carpet tile patterns and prints can be used to enhance the look of conference rooms and meeting halls.

Reception Areas: For reception area interior designs, we offer attractive and customizable office carpet tile designs with high sustainability.

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Our experts are available round the clock to hear your concerns. Seek guidance from our professionals to get the right type of floor treatment.

We Offer Fast And Affordable Carpet Tiles Installation

We are the trusted local service provider offering residential and commercial carpet tiles Dubai installation and have thousands of positive reviews from satisfied customers. We are the top-rated service provider and our diverse portfolio of residential and office carpet tiles projects will provide you with the perfect inspiration and ideas for an outstanding business decor. You can get our services for both small and large scale businesses and office interiors.

Luxury Office Carpet Tiles Dubai

You can contact Carpets Dubai customer service consultant through WhatsApp (+971554722980) or connect to us via email (

We’ll respond to your queries right away and assist you with our efficient carpet tiles Dubai installation services.

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Why Choose Us?

Carpet Dubai is a well-known home decor brand where you can get the finest home and office flooring solutions and treatments for improved indoor air quality. In addition to affordable office carpet tiles, we also offer carpet floor tile installations according to all budget ranges and requirements.

Other than ready-made, eco-friendly carpet tiles for modern offices, we provide carpet customization for unique spaces, uneven surfaces and effective noise reduction. Connect with us for the best carpet tiles services at incredibly affordable rates without any compromise on product quality. Call us now for free consultations about office carpet tiles!

See What Our Clients Say

Stunning!! These custom-made carpets Dubai are simply amazing being ready to make precisely what you need is great and with high quality, it is just a perfect match! Anybody searching for custom mats won’t be frustrated! They really are a masterpiece! Great work!



FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Of course, our carpet tiles Dubai are an excellent treatment for office floors and other commercial areas. They are easy to install, remove and clean. Moreover, they can easily withstand high foot traffic, impact damage and reduce noise and are long-lasting too.

Nylon and Polypropylene (Olefin) are the best carpeting materials for offices because they are highly damage-resistant and can easily last for longer periods of time with minimal maintenance. Also, they do not lose their shape and fiber integrity even under heavy foot fall.

Our office carpeting tiles come in multiple sizes with 12’’ x 12’’, 18’’ x 18’’, 24’’ x 24’’, 18’’ x 36’’ and 39’’ x 39’’ being the standard size options. You can also get them in rectangular shapes with the measurement of 2 x 2 feet. We also provide size and shape customizations for unique needs.

Yes, carpeting is way more affordable than floor tiles. Besides, it is much more versatile and easy-to-clean as compared to tiles and can be used in all areas. Also, installing carpets is easy and DIY-friendly, hence no need for professional services. Plus, they hide dirt and marks well.

Our carpets for offices can last for a good 10 to 30 years with the right kind of maintenance. Other than longevity, these carpets are also highly stain and impact resistant. For areas with higher foot traffic, you can get specialized low-maintenance and heavy-duty carpet tiles from us.

Yes, our commercial carpets come with high-quality and thick pre-attached backings for maximum comfort underfoot, plus effective insulation and noise reduction. The underlayment we provide also prevents subfloors from damaging the carpet and keeps it even from all sides.