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Parquet flooring Dubai brings versatility in both solid and engineered parquet wood; solid wood flooring being solely made up of one species of wood and engineered being made up of both solid wood (wear layer) and multiple layers of plywood.

The tough nature of parquet wood flooring means it is suitable for most living spaces, from home offices to hallways. It can handle high traffic levels and gives you the timeless appeal of real wood. Parquet floor suppliers in Dubai adds a classic and contemporary twist to your traditional or modern home and gives an extra edge of elegance.

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Nowadays, parquet laminate flooring is a chic/trendy choice to be used on the floors of your property. The major reason for choosing parquet flooring Dubai is that most homeowners find this high-class floor covering solution very versatile and durable, and it is easy to maintain as well.

We have got you a vast variety of parquet laminate flooring tiles so that you can choose just according to your taste and requirements. Our perfectly manufactured floors guarantee you long-term service ability without being worn and torn at all. They have got extraordinary strength compared to any other kind of parquet floor.

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Parquet Wood Flooring

The very solid and most authentic decor solution for your floors is our extraordinary aesthetical parquet wood flooring texture. These parquet wood flooring tiles will make a beautiful chevron pattern on the floors of your property and add a true sense of beauty and aesthetical magnificence to your place as well.

Besides making the overall look of your place charming, our parquet wood flooring Dubai, comes up with a lot of benefits. Different kinds of expensive wood grains are placed together so that a delicate pattern can be created to add to the beauty of your entire interior.

Parquet Wood Flooring
Parquet Vinyl Flooring

Parquet Vinyl Flooring

By installing our top-class vinyl flooring from the parquetry collection at our store, you can get a complete feel of old castles and mansions. These high-rated floors are designed to give your classic floors a modern touch and are becoming more popular day by day because of their magnanimous beauty approach.

Parquet vinyl flooring offers a lot of benefits, including sturdy floors, great comfort, high-class performance, etc. The parquet flooring Dubai is really very versatile, so it can be adjusted in a lot of places and can fit according to different scenarios easily.

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Why Parquet Floor Service?

This flooring comes in a variety of different patterns including chevron, herringbone, Versailles, basket, and brick weave, all of which come in a number of different shades, styles, and finishes. So you can be sure there is a parquet floor to suit your needs.

Parquet wood flooring works with underfloor heating, allowing all the heat to be transferred through without warping or shrinkage as solid wood would suffer from. Engineered parquet can both be sanded and refinished multiple times and allows you to renew your flooring.

Parquet Flooring Suppliers Dubai

We are the top-notch company in the entire United Arab Emirates, which means we are the best parquet flooring suppliers Dubai. We never compromise on the quality of our products and parquet installtion flooring services, either. Our workers are ready to give you the best services and parquet floor items on your doorstep.

If you want to make your floors really modern with a complimentary touch of old-age styling, then parquet floor services in Dubai by our company would be the best choice for you and the floors of your property.

Classic Parquet Flooring Dubai

What We Offer

Carpet Dubai is the top supplier of quality reclaimed parquet floor and carries the largest range of timber species available in Dubai. Our unique design parquet laminate flooring brings hints of history to your living space.

We have the best parquet vinyl flooring collection across UAE. The elegant nature makes it suitable for a variety of spaces, including hallways and lounges. Carpet Dubai in Abu Dhabi is made up of individual wooden blocks which are then positioned into a parquet pattern.

On the whole, parquet flooring Dubai collection also comes in quite a few different species such as oak, Merbau, walnut, and more.