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Artificial Grass Carpet by Carpet Dubai is the best and most versatile element for home decoration as well as floor covering. We provide this high-quality treatment in a range of sizes and styles to best suit every requirement and you can timelessly beautify your surroundings with it. Moreover, this grass is the most low-cost alternative to real grass and you can say goodbye to the tiresome upkeep of real lawns and gardens with it.

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Artificial Grass Carpet Dubai

Latest Types

Artificial Grass Carpets | From Sport Fields to Home Decor

Professional Artificial Turf

This is the commercial-grade carpeting that can be used in all kinds of sports facilities, gym and workout spaces, and commercial indoor and outdoor areas.

Indoor Artificial Turf

This category includes high-pile and online carpet options which can be used in home interiors as a floor covering, surface decoration, and for live walls.

Outdoor Artificial Turf

This is heavy-duty landscaping turf that can be used in terraces, balconies, patios, gazebos, pergolas, and in lawns as a substitute for real grass.

Our Trendy Artificial Grass Carpet Dubai Collections 

Amazing Benefits Of Using Our Synthetic Turf Carpets 

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Comfort & Cushioning

Our artificial grass floor coverings are extremely soft underfoot, increase floor safety, and offer soothing and relaxing effects for the mind and body.

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High Energy Conservation

This carpeting does not require watering, mowing, or cutting, hence the most effective idea for reducing energy expenses and balancing temperature levels.

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Effortless Cleaning Methods

It can be cleaned easily with a garden hose or raking and does not develop any kind of stubborn stains or odors.

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Endless Aesthetic Possibilities

You can beautify your homes and offices in multiple classy and unique ways using our synthetic grass soft floorings like indoor gardens.

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Low Cost Treatment

Installing this carpet is easy and cheap and comes with minimal to no maintenance expenses and procedures, saving you plenty of money.

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Eco-friendly Decor Solution

This cost-effective carpet is completely recyclable and does not require any fertilizers, hence favoring the planet.

Why Choose Us?

Carpet Dubai is a top-rated store to buy Artificial Grass Carpets at economical rates in Dubai. Other than premium quality fake grass products, we provide a complete set of services to beautify your places and make them comfier and healthier than before. If you’re a fan of natural decor, our grass floor covering will be the best decor improvement for you.

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FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions 

Of course, fake grass makes a wonderfully comfortable, useful, and long-term favorable carpeting. It is way more cheap to install and maintain than natural grass and can be used to decorate all areas. Also, it helps save water and does not require any costly chemicals or agents.

Yes, a fake turf carpeting can get wet but it does not become messy or accumulate water, unlike real grass. The perforated backing of this carpet ensures effective drainage of water and there is no damage or safety hazard. This aspect also proves helpful for its easy cleaning and washing.

With good maintenance and careful use, a synthetic grass carpet can easily last for 15 to 20 years or even more. It is a way more economical and cost-effective treatment than real grass and does not need any kind of maintenance, costly chemicals, or even watering, hence helping save money.

An artificial turf floor covering is not waterproof but still comes with a reasonable level of moisture resistance. This means that it does not get damaged due to rainfall and can be simply hosed down for cleaning. The water gets effectively drained and does not cause any mess at all.

This carpet comes with different thickness levels for every use and setting. Usually, the pile height ranges between 2o mm and 40 mm (¾ inch and 1-½ inch). For sports and fitness facilities, a low pile height is suitable whereas less busy areas can be treated with high pile options.

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