Best Wall Skirting Dubai in 2024

Modern Wall Skirting Dubai

Are you looking for the modern skirting board 2024 to give a finishing touch to your interior? An elegant skirt board that delicately hides your cables? Carpet Dubai offers a vast range of wall skirting to provide a new look to your interior or old skirting walls.

Our skirting boards are often referred to as baseboards or kickboards and are prevalent in modern interior. These typically consist of wood, or PVC skirting, running around the base of the walls. Wall Skirting Dubai can be glued, hammered, or screwed into the walls, depending on the form and material.

We know what skirting the right wall will do for your interior. A skirt-frame is an elegant bond between the floor and the wall. Yet skirting doesn’t do that much. This gives the interior character, which can visually raise the ceiling, and is a helpful way of covering a messy gap between the wall and the floor. In short, in every room, they are a necessary part of the makeover!

Features and Benefits

  • The Skirting Board conceals the joint between the wall and the floor. It also protects walls from furniture damage.
  • Free from natural defects
  • KOTA moldings are extremely colorfast compared to gloss paint
  • Made using responsibly sourced, Forest Friendly timber
  • Using wall skirting Dubai range to conceal the spaces left after floor installation is more practical and economical.
  • Some of the advantages of using wall mounted skirting boards for projects in the home building sector are water resistance, frost resistance.
  • Electrical wiring looks so ugly when left openly hanging from the ceilings or walls and is dangerous. Hiding the wires in the tops works fantastically but is very costly when repairs are required.

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Installation of Wall Skirting

What you will need to Skirting Designs For Walls:

  • Ample skirting of your desired standard (plus additional, only if necessary).
  • The wood sealer tailored to your skirting needs.
  • The finish of your choice (lacquer, paint, varnish?)
  • Measuring bandage
  • Clippers
  • Ripper Filler
  • Seen from a compound miter
  • Boiler filler
  • Sandpaper with high grit
  • A suitable adhesive


  • The first thing for wall skirting Dubai you will need to measure your walls.
  • To cut the old skirting using a hammer and chisel.
  • Finish down the skirting wall. Cut off any screws left behind with pliers.
  • Measure your skirting wall and cut it to fit; note to house the angles of 45o in the corners again.
  • Apply the sealer (2 or 3 coats with a quick sanding in between) before mounting them.
  • Make sure to clean and vacuum the floor.
  • Start with a corner inside. When using adhesive, add it in a full zigzag pattern on the back of the skirting.
  • Finish it off: fill the gap with crack-filler if there are sections where the wall and skirting don’t quite match properly.

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Carpet Dubai uniquely designs wall skirting Dubai range and offers expert installation service in UAE at a very friendly cost. We sell all models with the best Duropolymer skirting boards and provide every size and design. The new, rustic, reliable, small skirting design of skirting Boards is the best for your flooring. It’s certainly up to you, regardless of its robust nature. The material we use is premium, lightweight, and high quality.

You can fix it with the walls or stress it with a different hue. We have the best skirting services in Dubai, UAE. Our skirting wall tiles are perfect for any room, bathroom, bedroom, hotel lobby, or office. So choose us confidently and buy the best wall skirting at the most affordable rates with free doorstep delivery.