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Carpet Dubai provides you with the best quality wallpaper Dubai for beautifying your residential and commercial spaces. We provide premium quality decorative wallpapers made from heavy-duty and recyclable materials, Our long-lasting and stylish wallpapers come in a variety of designs to compliment every interior style. Also, you can get brick and abstract art wallpapers with different raised patterns to add dimension to your walls.

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Get Personalized & High-Quality Decorative Wallpapers Dubai

Give your interior walls a luxurious treatment by installing our decorative wallpapers featuring your bespoke designs. To decorate your bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and kids’ rooms, we provide different styles and materials of these wall coverings. You choose between floral, lined, geometric, dotted, abstract art, and traditional wallpapers according to your requirements. In addition to that, we also have wood chip, fabric, bordered, solid sheet, and mural wall covering options to give your walls the finest look.

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Explore Different Wallpaper Varieties At Our Store

Vinyl Wallpaper

Buy waterproof vinyl wall covers for moisture-prone areas; these wallpapers won’t get damaged by water splashes or stains.

Metallic Wallpaper

Our Metallic decorative wall covers come with a porous base and aluminum foil top layer that offers long-term serviceability.

Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Peel and Stick wallpapers are removable wall coverings that come with self-adhesive backings for instant applications.

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Benefits Of Having Our Wallpaper Dubai In Your Interiors

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Style & Aesthetic Improvement

Our interior-defining modern and traditional wallpapers instantly beautify every space. Check out our neutral, patterned, textured, and floral designs for amazing home decors.

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Hiding Wall Imperfections

All wirings, stains, scratches, flaking paint or marks on your walls can be effectively concealed by fitting our wall coverings.

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Our long-lasting wall treatments are made from PVC, polyester, latex, & fiberglass and won’t fade upon exposure to UV rays.

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Long Lasting Investment

Made from high-quality natural and synthetic materials, our wall covers are a highly durable choice for commercial spaces and busy households.

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Water Resistant Options

For moisture-prone spaces like bathrooms, kitchens and basements, we provide you with high-performance water-repellent vinyl wall covers

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Noise Reduction

Our acoustic wall decor papers with thick backings are an excellent choice to reduce the level of noise to a great extent.

Hire Us For Quick Wallpaper Fixing Services

Book our experts to install decorative wallpapers on your residential and commercial walls. Our fitters can install wallpapers on every kind of wall and on damaged ones as well. After analyzing and treating wall conditions and taking proper measurements, our crew installs wall coverings flawlessly in your interiors by using the best quality adhesives.

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