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You might want your home to look a little trendier in style, or if you are someone who likes to make your home unique than others, then the best option is a tailor-made and exclusive skirting Dubai range to harness your floor & walls with beauty.

Best Skirting Dubai Board UAE 2024

You shouldn’t have to compromise on the exclusivity or functionality of your interior moldings. is the best skirting board service in the UAE. We have all kinds of skirting range to match your every sense of style & need.

 The products vary from wood (e.g., pine, oak, and beech) to MDF and HDF-a modern alternatives to conventional styles. We showcase our dozen versatile variety in the gallery for your convenience, i.e., straight cut, form, and ramp skirting boards; explore our full range online to start your skirting Dubai boards journey range.

Our Gallery

Types of Skirting Dubai

PVC Skirting

Our PVC Skirting Boards Dubai collection has a high-quality plastic profile and is available in various colors and patterns. It is ideal for the bathroom with a high gloss finish and also gives a traditional style look. It looks like real wood due to its durability and flexible nature, so you can easily install it.

Aluminum Skirting

Our Aluminum Skirting is available in various types, such as silver anodized, titanium, and silver brushed finish. It helps you to create an elegant and polished connecting wall to the floor. Due to its quick and easy to fix with wall feature makes it unique from other skirting Dubai boards.

 MDF Skirting Dubai

When you want MDF skirting range to enhance makeover of flooring & walls, our MDF Skirting Material is better; it is free of impurities and will last even longer than your regular floor skirting boards. It is moisture-resistant and offers superior HDF content in lengths of 4200 mm at a reasonable price.

Wall Skirting

If you’re looking for Skirting the Wall, our perfect skirting board will give you the finishing touch to your interior. A stylish skirting board that discreetly covers your hideous cables, then it’s the best option. It provides an elegant connection between the floor and the wall and adds character to your interior and ceilings.

Wooden Skirting

Carpet Dubai provides you with the best and popular Wooden Skirting Dubai along with a classic style that holds up well over time. Our wooden skirting can’t be stained or paint easily due to the use of high-quality material. Due to its bespoke profile and molding, it suits precisely every design of your home.

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Carpet Dubai is here to give you a wide variety of Skirting Boards Dubai range; whatever your style, we harness your spaces with skirting Dubai elegantly. The items come in a range of materials from wooden pine and oak skirting boards to HDF and MDF to fit the profile that suits you. We are the UAE’s leading manufacturer of high-quality skirting. We provide you with great finishing touches from our showroom skirting board to complement your new floor, room, or area. So feel free to email us and message us now.

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