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PVC skirting Dubai is the best stylish alternative to the wooden skirting board. If you want to remove the hassle of easy-to-install, ultra-low maintenance from the skirting tiles board then we are the best option. It increases the appearance of any room and gives enduring effect resistance. Translate your home into a superb, traditional PVC board skirting which looks fantastic for years. It won’t flake, peel, red, or warp, and you’re not going to have to paint it.

This is available in fantastic finishes, including the authentic-looking effect of the wood grain. Highly strong, it does not scratch or discolor, and can be used in any home or office space. If you want a PVC skirting UAE that is easy to cut to fit and naturally attaches to adhesive walls, then we suggest our

polyvinyl chloride skirting board. Simply press the lengths together, and you can install those using daily devices.

Features and Benefits 

  1.   PVC skirting Dubai seems to be much easier to suit, so if you’re doing some DIY and don’t feel too comfortable that’s the best way.
  2.   PVC skirting materials aren’t as polished and renowned as wood. So this is probably a better choice and appealing if you are on a budget.
  3.   In some parts of the house, PVC skirting is probably favored. So, e.g. this would match a bathroom because the plastic would not interfere with the room’s moisture.
  4.   Therefore, a ‘plastic look’ in a bathroom would give a new and fresh view; is the same about Skirting Dubai plastic in a bedroom maybe not correct? Once, the choice is up to you.

These are not the only factors, and may be based on your experiences you have your own personal views?

Ideally, in determining if wood or PVC is right for you, we have at least set you on the road.

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Installation of PVC Skirting

As we all know, installing PVC skirting Dubai makes it easy to maintain vinyl flooring. Thus, how does the skirting board get installed? Please only follow the five steps below:

  1. All surfaces to which the profile is attached should be ensured to be sound, dry, flat, and free of any contaminants.
  2. Place in place and use a pencil to mark the wall to provide a guideline for an adhesive application using a piece of skirting as a gauge template.
  3. All inner and outer corners should be cut to miter.
  4. Apply one of the adhesives it recommends. The adhesive is added only to that part of the wall where the sit-on skirting’s vertical face is attached, not to the skirt or flooring foot.
  5. Take all surfaces together and also apply pressure along the skirting to ensure that any air bubbles are eliminated, and that maximum contact with the wall is made.

Why Choose Us?

As the PVC skirting supplier in Dubai, Our plastic skirting is designed to look good, last long, and simplify fitting and maintenance. There is no sanding, priming, or painting required, and the corner trims mean no tricky mitering or scribe of joints!

At Carpet Dubai, to simplify internal corner joints, we suggest that skirting is fitted in a clockwise direction from a door opening. If you plan to lay a new laminate or tiled floor, then this should be done before the skirting is fitted to produce the neatest finish. However, we recommend carpets are fitted after the PVC skirting Dubai. This is why you can contact us at any time. 

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