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Real Animal Skin Rugs Dubai

A natural hide will add style to any room and give an Eco-friendly makeover for your floors. Carpet Dubai is one of the leading brands who is providing natural and synthetic animal skin rugs & cowhides. Our Animal hide Rugs are available in a huge versatility including cowhides, sheepskins, goatskins, and reindeer hides.

All hides are ethically sourced from tanneries with certification to confirm they are a byproduct of the food industry. Choose from our stylish and hand-picked animal skin Rugs Dubai collection with huge savings of up to 30% off in prices. Carpet Dubai has the largest collection of animal skin floor rugs across the UAE.

Exotic Animal Skin Rugs

Why You Shop From us?

Carpet Dubai is offering over 1500 luxuriously soft cow hides in a wide variety of shades, sizes, colors, and markings. All our hides originate from South America and have been hand-selected to ensure we sell only the very best quality animal skin rugs in Dubai. Each hide has been chromium tanned so your cowhide rug will last for years.

Have questions? Call us! Our friendly customer support representative will be happy to guide you about any query about our products. These animal hide rugs are broadly classified into two types i.e. rugs Dubai and carpets.

The carpets made of actual animal skins that are also known as hides. If you’re looking to buy the best animal skin rug in Dubai; Carpet Dubai is a leading brand that has cheap and best animal skin products such as cowhides, Sheepskins and zebra hides, etc. we’re also offering unmatched discounts, free doorstep delivery, and a sample catalog for your convenience.

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