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Mosques in Dubai are designed to be grand and elegant, with lavishing finishes. One of the key elements of mosque design is the carpet, which is an important part of the prayer space. Our mosque carpets are designed to add more aesthetic beauty & elegance to the mosque. They provide an attractive appearance and welcoming surface for worshipers.

Carpet Dubai is the best company to get luxurious carpets for mosques. We offer gorgeous designs and a variety of colors of carpets. Elevate the environment of a masjid by bringing extra soft floor carpets. Contact our experts to see our carpet designs and textures.

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Mosque Carpets Dubai
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Customized Mosque Carpets Dubai
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We Offer Custom Mosque Carpet At Affordable Prices

Some standard-sized prayer mats and masjid carpets are not suitable for everyone. You must be searching for custom sizes or designs. We offer the complete customization of mosque carpets Dubai at very reasonable prices. You can get the custom spacing between the rows of mosque floor coverings.

Contact our consultants, who will guide you about choosing the design or pattern of your custom prayer carpets in Dubai. We have a team of technicians who provide top-quality handmade mosque rugs with seamless stitching. You can choose custom cultural patterns and gray color carpet schemes according to your preferences.

Superior Handcrafting
Traditional Cultural Patterns
Custom Sizes & Colors

Most Popular Choices

Our Top-Selling Mosque Carpet in Dubai

Turkish Carpets

These carpets are known for reflecting the cultural heritage and the rich history of Muslims.

Persian Carpets

Our Persian mosque carpets Dubai are known for their quality craftsmanship, rich colors, and premium materials.

Afghan Carpets

We offer Afghan carpets made of wool which will provide a cultured look to the floor of the mosque.

Our Ramadan Mosque Collection 2023

Benefits of Installing Masjid Carpets

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Our carpets are soft and comfortable, providing a cushioned surface for worshipers to pray on. They also help to absorb sound, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

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They reduce cooling costs in Dubai mosques by providing insulation. They are very soft and provide complete insulation from sound and temperature.

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Long Lasting

Carpets in the mosque are supposed to keep for long years. We design our carpets with the highest quality materials, making them look new for many years.

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Elegant Designs

We embed gorgeous patterns and designs on the carpets to reflect the cultural and traditional heritage. Add the pleasant appearance with our prayer carpet for your mosque in Dubai..

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Our Islamic carpets in Dubai are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. They keep the prayer space free from dirt, dust, and other contaminants.

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Affordable Prices

Carpet Dubai is the leading company offering high-quality carpets at the best AED prices. We offer a special discount on our mosque floor carpets.

Durable Mosque Carpets Dubai

High Quality

Elegant Mosque Carpets Dubai

Get Quick Mosque Carpet Installation by Our Experts

We have a team of experienced carpet installers in UAE. You can get our top-notch installation services in any city in UAE. Our company has a record of providing complete satisfaction. We train our professionals to install texture carpets in mosques neatly and timely.

They use the advanced methods to provide the most efficient and durable carpet installation service. Our company has the rule to charge a very minimal amount for our professional service. Contact our professionals for free measurements and estimates of the mosque carpeting project. Place your order and experience the amazing benefits of installing turkish masjid carpets.

Why Choose Us?

We have professional consultants, creative designers, and expert carpet installers in our company. Carpetdubai is the leading brand of mosque floor carpets. We have gorgeous designs, colors, and different types of islamic carpets for the mosque floor. You can get our experts’ custom patterns and designs on your prayer mats. Buy mosque carpets Dubai at discounted rates.

Gorgeous Patterns
Highest Quality Materials
Team of Experts
Fast Installation
Free Measurements
Professional Consultation
Stunning Mosque Carpets Dubai

Frequently Asked Questions

Mosques are carpeted to provide a clean and comfortable space for worshipers. Our carpets help to absorb sound and reduce echo inside the mosque, creating a more peaceful atmosphere.

Mosque rugs in Dubai are usually made of wool, silk, polypropylene, and cotton. We provide a wide range of materials for our carpets so that our customers can choose the best material that meets their needs and preferences.

Yes, women can use the same prayer rug as men. There is no gender-based restriction on using a prayer rug in Islam; both men and women can use it for prayer.

Many mosques have been carpeted for centuries. There is a tradition of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) praying on a carpet or mat. So, Muslims use a carpet in the mosque to connect with this tradition.