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Whether you want the best quality, or sophisticated, oriental, or Persian rugs Dubai, we bring inspirational designs for your home. These best quality and affordable rugs Dubai will tie your lounge together and add warmth and affection.

Our Persian carpets are not only beautiful but are durable as well. They are made of thick and long-lasting fabric to make them efficient and high performing. They are worn, tear, and stain-resistant.

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20,000+ Rugs to Choose From

Whether you are looking for antique Persian rugs or the modern one, you will get it from us. We even make customized rugs for our valued customers. You just name the rug and we will bring it for you.

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100% Authentic Handmade Rugs

A machine can make a rug but perfection can be added by the hands of the master. We sell the best handmade rugs in town. From Persian to Turkish rugs, Indian rugs, our handmade rugs are famous in town.

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All Sizes Available

We offer a wide range of hand-woven Persian rug Dubai available in all sizes. Wall carpet and palace size art carpets are also available.
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We offer free shipping throughout the UAE. We also offer free samples if you need one to check the quality 2×10 Persian rugs Dubai is the best choice for a perfect entryway or a hallway. They can be used as kitchen rugs or bathroom rugs. They look gorgeous even at the narrowest place of your home.

Why Choose Our Persian Floor Rugs?

Persian Rugs Dubai are more than just a piece of carpet. They add a heart to the beauty of a house. They offer a luxurious touch to a room and provide comfort and warmth.

At Carpet Dubai, we sell the best quality oriental rugs which are aesthetically pleasing as well.

Anyhow here are some of the reasons why you should buy rugs from Carpet Dubai?

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Where To Place Oriental & Persian Rugs in Dubai

4×6 Persian rugs help to define the small place like a small living room or a seating area. Place your Persian style rugs between sofas or under a stylish coffee table to make a classical focal point.

8×10 oriental carpets of Persian rugs Dubai make a grand fashion statement for a big dinner table or a center table of your corridor. This size of Persian style rugs adds a sophisticated touch to a room, creating a soft touch to your feet.

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