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Ceramic Flooring tiles is a perfect choice if you want to create a surface that looks stylish, sleek, easy to clean, and durable enough to withstand daily wear & tear. Carpet Dubai has everything from sleek, contemporary brick-shaped metro tiles, through to realistic wood effect floor tiles, ceramic wood tiles, and ceramic wall tiles.

Cast your eyes over the selection of ceramic tiles below, and we’re sure you’ll agree with us. Come and find a stylish new addition for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living room. Ceramic Tiles Flooring Dubai provides a practical and decorative covering, and offer a very wide range of sizes, styles and colors.

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Ceramic Flooring Tiles Available in Many Sizes & Colors

Our wide range of ceramic stones reflects the great diversity found in our natural environment: granite, limestone, quartzite, and basalt, with a particular emphasis on ceramic slates that closely reproduce the tonal richness and variety of this metamorphic rock. Collections also include a refined use of select marbles that imbue any setting with elegant distinction. Ceramic Flooring Tiles Dubai has a huge range of quality ceramic tiles in many colors and sizes. To find perfect tiles at the lowest price, browse our collection.

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Ceramic tiles flooring Dubai is a leading Supplier & Installer of ceramic floor tiles, renowned for its advanced production techniques, quality, and versatility of its designs. We’re a market leader in setting new trends, our flooring collections clearly demonstrate that we are profoundly inspired by natural materials while always retaining the intrinsic properties and features of ceramic.

We also offer an unrivaled range of ceramic Johnson Prismatic Tiles in a wide spectrum of colors from classic black and white, to bright red and green tiles. If you are working with a lower or huge budget why not browse our fantastic collection of ceramic flooring tiles combining real quality with real value.

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