What Are The Popular Styles Of Carpet?

What Are The 3 Popular Styles Of Carpet

Carpets are the textile floor-covering treatment most integral to home decor. They can add style, comfort, and practicality to your floors with variable pile heights and densities. These Dubai carpets are available in stores in different types of fiber options and design profiles. The styles of carpets depend on the weaving techniques of pile yarns and fiber materials.

If you are looking for the 3 main styles of carpets, they are cut-pile, loop-pile, or cut-and-loop pile carpets. These three carpet styles cover different types of carpets for home decor that can vary in quality and appearance. This guide explains three main carpets types based on their pile yarns and manufacturing techniques.

Carpet Styles & Types | Based On The Weaving & Construction

Carpet Styles & Types

The styles of carpets can change the overall appearance of the room decor. Therefore, when how to choose carpets them, keep these basic styles in your mind.

1. Cut Pile Carpet

Cut Pile Carpet

Cut pile is the style in which the ends of carpet fibers are exposed or sheared. These carpets come with different heights, textures, and amounts of twisting variations. Cut pile carpets are resistant to stains, highly durable, and best for high-traffic areas. These carpets with softer appeal and plush piles are generally installed in residential places.

Basic Styles For Cut-Pile Carpet

These carpets with cut plush and twist piles can be purchased in different fiber types.

  • Velvet Carpet: Velvet is a dense and plush carpet type that provides enhanced comfort and a luxurious appearance. These carpets are highly expensive, durable, and resistant to UV rays and exterior lights. Besides style, these carpets add insulation to a space.
  • Saxony Carpet: The carpet fibers are evenly cut and tightly packed together in this cut-pile carpet style. They have about a half-inch-long fibers that are standing straight up. These carpets with deep piles and plush feel are suggested to be installed in the bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Frieze Carpet: These carpets come with a shot pile that can be curled up in any direction. They can hide the footprints because of their textured appearance. It is a luxurious option, but cleaning these carpets is difficult as they can trap dirt inside their fibers.
  • Shag Carpet: These carpets have soft and long fibers with a deep and thick pile. These carpets have extremely softer piles and delicate fibers best suited in bedrooms and places with low foot traffic.

2. Loop Pile Carpet

Loop Pile Carpet

Another carpet style is loop pile carpet, in which the strands are made from synthetic and wool fibers through the carpet backing. Loop pile carpet fibers are tightly bonded to give offer great tensile strength. These carpets are suggested to be installed in high-traffic places because of their durability.

Basic Styles For Loop-Pile Carpet

These carpets are composed of two types, either level loop or multi-level loop pile.

  • Berber Loop Pile: In the Berber loop pile, the fibers are bent into a series of loops that are relatively short in length but give a deep and smooth look. They have variable-sized long and uncut loops that create different unique patterns. These carpets are the most durable option, resistant to wear and tear.
  • Level Loop Pile: Level loop pile carpets have even-length fibers. These carpets have textured and tightly woven loops that don’t show footprints. Level loop carpets are best for heavily trafficked areas. These carpets with stiff fibers are highly durable.
  • Multi-Level Loop Pile: These carpets are also knowns as high-low loop pile carpets, in which the fibers are of different pile heights and densities. In this carpet style, threads are made into loops instead of cuts to create unique patterns and textures.

3. Cut & Loop Pile Carpet

Cut & Loop Pile Carpet

These carpets are made from the cut pile and loop pile fibers. They create abstract or geometric patterns over the surface in different colors. Cut and loop pile carpets make swirls, chevrons, and squares with various surface textures. These carpets give the most hard wearing surface because they combine cut and loop pile fibers.

  • Textured Cut and Loop Pile: Textured carpets are the popular style for cut and loop piles in which the pile yarns are cut and twisted to create an even look. The twists of these carpets offer excellent resistance against stains and are highly durable. These carpets give floors a dense appearance, textured feel, and stylish finish.


Carpets are made from versatile textile and fiber materials with different weaving or crafting methods. The appearance and texture of carpets vary with the change in pile height, density, and short, long, and twisted fibers. The styles of carpets depend on their fibrous appearance.

The three main carpet styles are the cut, loop, and cut-pile loop. Each carpet’s look, texture, twist, and pile yarn are different from others. Besides that, the Saxony, textured, woven, velvet, shag, and frieze are cut-pile carpet styles.

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