What Style Carpet Is Most Popular?

What Style Carpet Is Most Popular

If you want to make your interior visually elegant and refined, then carpets are the way to go. Carpeting is becoming a way of life for today’s individuals because of its exceptional attributes and incredibly appealing looks. Carpeting is a sort of way of displaying art in various ways, tones, and layouts.

However, based on ongoing trends, it is difficult to choose one from enormous varieties, fabric materials, and creative designs. The answer to the question of the most popular carpet is difficult as there is not only one type of carpet that is popular. Choosing the best carpet depends on the types and styles. Let’s read this article thoroughly and decide which style of carpet is best for you among them.

Choose Among Versatile Carpets

It is supremely crucial for your flooring to harmonize with your interior decor. So, when selecting a carpet, consider your interior first, and then select a carpet that complements your home decor. There are different styles of carpets that are in trend nowadays. So, let’s have a look at some popular carpets to choose from.

Twisted Pile Carpet


The twisted pile carpet is one of the trendiest styles of carpet right now. They are made by using nature’s finest fiber as they are created from yarn, in which yarn loops are cut and then twisted so tightly together that at their end they curve back over themselves. These fibers often have a coarse finish, giving the carpet a rustic and textured appearance.

Twist styles are today’s most casual, fashionable, and soft carpet styles and often come in plain or heathered styles. These carpets have a nubby surface, are highly durable, give your space a renewed and contemporary look, and can hide footprints and vacuum cleaner marks beautifully.

Twist carpets offer an exceptional range of colors that include solids and beautiful looks. Its durability depends upon the twist. The higher the twist level, the better the carpet’s performance and quality. The zoning of these carpets can be bedrooms, sitting rooms, media rooms, living rooms, and stairs. These carpets are available in Dubai carpet store.

Sisal Carpets

Sisal carpets

Sisal is another carpet style that is gaining fame day by day. The fibers of sisal are incredibly tough and strong, even stronger than other fibrous materials like jute. These sisal carpets are made from the leaves of the Agave cactus and have an organic texture that is remarkably rich and versatile.

It is one of the most durable carpeting options available, not only among natural carpeting and rug options but in its own right. Sisal carpets strengthen your connection with nature and provide a luxurious and aesthetic appearance to your space. These carpets are stain-resistant and prevent permanent spots and blemishes. These carpets are available in vibrant color borders to give an artistic flair to your place.

Loop Carpets

Loop Carpets

The third most well-known type is the loop style carpet, which is ideal for rooms in which stylish design and texture are desired. In these carpets, all the loops are uncut yarn that can be tufted into loops of even or varied heights. Even loop heights create a uniform surface, while varied heights create appealing layouts.

Loop carpets provide ultimate durability for high-traffic places with lots of activity. In addition, these styles are excellent at maintaining a long-term and exquisite appearance, and they can hide footprints well. Cut-and-loop carpets in which uncut loops dominate are also fantastic choices for dynamic areas.

These carpets are extremely durable and practical and feature a surface that has multiple levels. Loop carpets can be placed in basements, recreation rooms, workout rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Jute Carpets

Jute Carpets

Another popular type is the jute carpet. These carpets are hand-harvested from the Tiliaceae and jute plants, which are found in Asia. This type of fiber is known for being durable, so it is mostly used in fabric, ropes, and rugs of all shapes and sizes. Despite their ability to stand up to years of use, jute carpets are soft.

Carpets made from this material are often suggested to be used in harsh environments as well. Because of its tough and durable nature, jute carpets last longer than other fabrics, especially synthetic ones.

Jute carpets need to be vacuumed only once or twice a week, based on foot traffic. You can vacuum the carpet from different directions, going over the area several times. However, you should be careful to keep your shoes off the carpet. Jute area carpets look eminent with most of the decor.

3D Textured Carpets

3D Textured Carpets

3D carpets are a trend forever since their beginning from neutral beauty to maximalism and pattern. These textured carpets are more stylish because of their 3D textures. If you like more neutral themes in your decor, this is a pleasing option to go for as you can keep the color muted and let the texture add interest.

The texture of the carpet is key to preventing a neutral scheme from looking dull and mute, whereas a soft woven wool 3D carpet, layered with accessories in cashmere, mohair, and linen, will all work to create a soft and inviting look. So don’t just stop at the fabric of the carpet; bring that delightful nubbly texture to add depth to your interior scheme.

To go with the trend, choose a thick, high-pile wool carpet like these textured carpets, and to prevent it from all looking stubby, contrast their softness with hard materials and clean lines. These carpets not only create a stunning look but also make your interior look alive because of their energetic and astonishing 3D patterns.

Earth Toned Carpets

Earth Toned Carpets

These carpets are also popular for their renowned quality of adding warmth and comforting vibes to a room. And this coziness is only enhanced with toasty and earthy tones and textures. These are available in rich terracotta and ochre shades that are ideal for bringing in deeper hues to a neutral space without overwhelming those softer, paler color schemes.

These ever-popular and easy-to-live with natural earthy tones have been so popular for carpets this year. They can be paired with warm, deep hues to add richness of tone while maintaining the soft, calm spaces.

These soft colors make you feel grounded and secure, optimistic and energetic. You can enjoy more complementary flooring where earth-toned colors can be used across multiple rooms to offer you a varied yet cohesive feel to the flooring. You can use this coordinated variety between runners, stairs, living rooms, and bedrooms. Using different flooring patterns throughout your interior can make a subtle statement and allow you to control the flow of energy for different moods in different rooms.


Carpet trends nowadays show that you can go bolder with colors, textures, prints, and fabric materials. Carpets, whether of any type, can take your interior or exterior to another level by providing renowned, contemporary, and stunning patterns and layouts. I have mentioned different carpet styles to provide you with a way to add warmth and depth to your interior scheme.

These stunning styles are simple to get from carpetdubai.ae. You can get to choose your desired shades, patterns, and fabrics according to your style statement. Ending this discussion, hoping this article will reduce your confusion about selecting a carpet and help you choose one style that you desire.

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