Best Time of Year to Buy Carpet in Summer 2024

best time to buy carpets dubai

Time is vital in every walk of life. The same is the case in the purchase of tangible objects for the home, such as carpets. It can trigger the durability and the presentation of the extraordinary appearance of your floor. Moreover, it is the best alternative for other sorts of expensive flooring like laminate flooring, vinyl, engineered wood, and others.

But every person also considers their financial limits and the right time at the time of purchase. Individuals are in the doldrums at the time of the selection of the best time of the year to buy carpet in Dubai but don’t worry, this article is going to sort out your tension.

best time to buy carpets dubai
best time to buy carpets dubai

Sufficient Time of the Year to Buy Capet in Summer 2024

For better guidance for the readers, a list of the best durations of the year for purchasing a carpet is discussed below. You can choose the best carpets. Let us see what these tenures are.

December to January

First, December and January are the two months that are considered best for purchasing carpets. Usually, the prices of a product are cut down when its sales are shooting up. The logic behind this scenario is that the producers have to invest less money in production.

These two months also see a fall in the amount of money spent on production. As a result, you can save up to 25% on the money you would have spent on carpet purchases on other days of the year.

This time duration is also fixed for the holidays, and people prefer to do more purchasing during this tenure. Shopkeepers will also introduce the new design and quality of the product. So, you have the chance to enjoy the best quality and design of your sisal carpet for the next two months.

December and January see the peak days of winter. It is the desire of almost every person to keep his/her room warm instead of using inverters. So, you will also take advantage of the weather and finance. You will not have to spend money on electricity bills because of this. If wall-to-wall carpeting is done, then the results will be more astonishing.

During this time period, retailers also long for the erasing of the older stock of their carpets and want to include the new stock for the new year; therefore, they also decrease the original prices. That’s why it is known as the best time to purchase carpets for your home.

best time to buy carpets dubai
best time to buy carpets dubai

May and June

Second, May and June are prominent for the purchase of the carpet. You can save a huge amount of money on the carpet as compared to other months. Retailers introduce new designs, trends, and quality carpets for their customers.

A business tycoon like Petersen Amanda Gee, who is affiliated with this field, mentions that sales of carpets increase at this time of the year because of the recent passage of spring. As a result, a refreshed look like spring also appears in our products.

As you know, the increase in sales results in a decrease in the price of carpets, but it is also an affiliated truth that the low season of a product also becomes the cause of the decrease in prices. Similarly, this season also observes a decrease in the sales of carpets. Summer vacations and the end of the school year are two prominent reasons behind it.

At this time, new styles of carpets are introduced by the sellers at their stores, so if you are interested in achieving new trends in carpets, then contact your nearby retailers for this purpose. So, purchase your carpets in these two months, otherwise, the prices will be hiked because of the coming season of summer.

best time to buy carpets dubai
best time to buy carpets dubai

Tax Time Duration

You know every person is fond of saving money and then investing it in the completion of other needs in life. This opportunity can be provided by the government of the country in which you are living. Often, this financial advantage is provided in February. So, purchase a carpet with the money from your tax return.


To cut a long story short, money-saving, style, and other related features are considered in the purchase of a carpet. However, there are some time periods that are well-known for their purchasing. These can be summarized as December-January, May-June, and tax time (February). If you buy carpets in summer these time periods, then you will also avail of the other above-described boons.

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