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Mosque carpets are more than floor covering, they provide complete comfort and high aesthetic value due to their elegant designs and intricate patterns. These carpets also symbolize the devotion, faithfulness, and unity of worshippers in the mosque. In this article, Carpet Dubai has unlocked the top 5 mosque carpet designs to craft the holiest mosque floor. Before choosing any design, you must consider the mosque’s interior theme, color scheme, and other decorative elements for a high aesthetic value and personalized approach.

Best Mosque Carpet Designs| Cultural & Religious Touch

Mosque carpets are also called prayer carpets due to their significant religious and cultural importance. These heavy-duty carpets are fabricated with a wide range of natural or synthetic materials to ensure maximum underfoot comfort and high durability. Furthermore, these carpets are crafted with elaborate and ornate designs to reflect the enrich Islamic history.

  1. Taj Mahal Designed Carpet
  2. Zam Zam Carpet Design
  3. Kashmir Carpet Design
  4. Shams (Mehrab) Design
  5. Tabuk Designed Carpet

1- Taj Mahal Designed Carpet

Taj Mahal Designed CarpetTaj Mahal carpets are printed with Taj Mahal artwork and a wide range of neutral and bold colors (red, green, or blue) to ensure a personalized mosque floor surface. At the top of these carpets, the tomb of the Taj Mahal is crafted that symbolize religious and traditional aesthetics. However, the footer and vertical sides of this floor covering are covered with geometric and other motifs patterns.

These unique and elegant carpets require very low maintenance and care due to their exceptional stain, dust, and water resistance. Moreover, the excellent heat resistance also prevents the color fading of these carpets. These carpets are available in the UAE commercial markets with custom-made length, width, and pile height.

2- Zam Zam Carpet Design

 Zam Zam Carpet DesignZam Zam carpets are also in trend due to their universal design explaining the religious and cultural norms. These carpets are crafted with multiple fascinating colors including red, blue, green, light blue, and rusty to create harmony with interior design. The carpet top surface is designed with floral, flowing, and other ornamental patterns in contrasting colors. Just like the Taj Mahal carpet, its bottom is also styled with geometric and motif patterns.

These carpets are fabricated with a broad range of fabric materials such as polypropylene, lurex, wool, acrylic, and their blends.

3- Kashmir Carpet Design

Kashmir Mosque Carpet DesignKashmir– another inspirational design for mosque carpets that defines the rich Islamic heritage and culture. For a unique outlook, these carpets have plain patterns along with vibrant colors such as red, blue, navy, green, black, and grey. The top surface of this carpet is designed with a plain pattern and bold dots in contrasting colors. However, the bottom surface reflects the multiple strips containing geometric or figural patterns.

For extra durability, these carpets are manufactured with a blend of wool, cotton, and silk. These popular carpets are also crafted with “Mehrab” artwork on the top header surface. The simple and sleek design of this carpet reflects tranquility, peace, and spirituality.

4- Shams (Mehrab) Design

Shams (Mehrab) Carpet DesignShams carpet design is also popular due to its unique blend of modern and traditional cultures. The top surface covered with the Mehrab reflects the traditional culture while the bottom abstracted strips reflect modern design. The Mehrab artwork is surrounded by a galaxy of colorful dots to make the carpet surface more This design is also available in endless bold and custom colors as per mosque interior theme requirements.

Aside from aesthetic value, these carpets also provide enhanced functionality by resisting dust, stains, and mold. For ultra comfort and durability, these carpets are also available in greater thickness and pile height options.

5- Tabuk Designed Carpet

Tabuk Designed CarpetTabuk-designed carpet is also a great option for crafting symbolic and patterned mosque floors. Unlike other floor covering designs, this carpet doesn’t have any header, it only contains a bold footer. The footer contains the pattern of multiple classical and traditional strips with geometrical objects. Above the footer, the carpet has the same flowing, floral, ornamental, and geometric pattern across the surface.

For a unique elegance, these carpets come in multiple bold colors including, brown, green, red, blue, and golden. To prevent the floor surface from dust, stain, and heat, these carpets are manufactured with sustainable materials such as acrylic, wool, silk, cotton, and polypropylene.

In A Nutshell!

To wrap up this article, we can say that all carpet designs reflect the Islamic enriched history, religious norms, and harmony in a unique style. To make mosque floors more aesthetic and elegant, Carpet Dubai has uncovered the best 5 carpet designs. You can choose any personalized design by considering fabric quality, contrasting color, and perfect size. In addition, you can also create a compatibility with ceiling, wall design, and other decorative elements in the mosque.

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