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Firstly, floor skirting covers walls for functional purposes, and secondly, it looks fantastic for esthetic reasons. A fun way to make a connection between wall tiles and floor tiles is the skirting tiles Dubai. Carpet Dubai brings wall skirting in various designs for different tiled flooring forms and best use in the home’s other spaces.

Our skirting floor tiles can be used to finish a tiled floor as such in combination with each other. Although the skirting board is partially impaired in recent years by the limited esthetics, our uniquely manufactured low porosity, hard-wearing, ceramic, and porcelain tiles allow a strong skirting because of their unique qualities.

Our Skirting Tiles give the final touch to your Floor

For our prestigious customers, Carpet Dubai has various styles of Skirting Tiles Dubai collection, such as:

Bathroom Skirting Tiles

The bathroom is the home’s most crucial area for skirting tiles. The bathroom tiles can match or add floor tiles as floors also need extensive mopping. They may also use the same floor tiles as skirting over tiles. Cut them in half, just.

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Skirting White Tiles

Whether there is a curved or rounded edge profile in the skirting tile, then white skirting tiles Dubai are ideal. The color emphasizes the selected image and can add dimension in bathrooms and kitchens to a white wall tile.

Skirting Grey Tiles

A good alternative as grey skirting board tiles Dubai reveals no dirt like other colors. Using a darker tone grey with the gray floor or wall tiles for a more dramatic and exciting effect.

Kitchen Skirting Board

The kitchen is considered the second room in the house. Usually, everyone tries to keep the kitchen clean and washed. Due to the humid conditions and the cleanliness criterion, the kitchen floor and walls damage a little earlier. So if you need to repair or want to change floor tiles with kitchen skirting board, Carpet Dubai offers world-class variety at the most affordable rates.

Skirting Ceramic Tiles

The ideal skirting board is value for money, functional ceramic, and aesthetically pleasing. And we have the perfect ceramic skirting tiles  Dubai for stairs.

Skirting Black Tiles

Even the classics just can’t beat. The once too omnipresent black skirting tile is gone, alternating with a lighter flooring color or black and white chess-board flooring for full impact.

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Carpet Dubai love to provide you the best look of tiled skirting, it is also much more flexible than wooden skirting, and you can achieve several looks whether you decide to finish the Skirting Tiles Dubai panel off or choose to carry on tiling up the wall with a different tiles.

We Carrying the tiled floor up onto the wall as skirting will help your room look bigger than it is, as the eye will travel across the bottom and up the wall creating a seamless effect by softening the transition between wall and floor. We also provide you the different styles and colors so you can choose as you want. Call us confidently now and buy modern skirting tiles design 2020.