The Basics of Measuring How Much Carpet You Need

The Basics of Measuring How Much Carpet You Need

Carpeting, of course, is the luxurious piece of statement to install, as your home floor covering, and gives a cozy and comfy feel to get relaxed when you come home after a whole hectic and tiring day. While having the idea of installation of the carpet at your place, you might think of measuring how much carpet does you exactly need for your room.

The Basics of Measuring How Much Carpet You Need

Here, you will get to know all “The Basics of Measuring How Much Carpet You Need”. Before jumping on the basics of measuring the carpet. First, you need to measure your space so that it will be easy for you to know how much carpet you need for your living place.

The Basics of Measuring How Much Carpet You Need

When you are done with the measurement of your room in which you are going to lay your carpet. Now, it’s time to learn the basics of how to measure the carpet Dubai for your living space. So, let’s move on to its basics.

1. Direction of the Pile Helps Measuring How Much Carpet Do You Need

First thing first, the direction of the pile is the most basic step to tell you in the measurement of your carpet, which means your carpet should be running in the same direction. The one piece of the carpet shouldn’t be turned obliquely to the other because this may cause the pieces to look different, and will not give that beautiful look to your room. 

To avoid this situation, buy some additional carpet that you actually need to lay on your room floor so that you won’t face any difficulty during the installation of the carpet.

Let’s take an example of a T shape room, i.e. a room that is 12 by 9 and a hall that is 3 inches wide by 12 inches long. Here, you will think that you have to purchase 12 by 9, carpet for the room, and 3 by 12 for the hall. But, that’s not it. Step 2 will lead you to know how many additional pieces you have to purchase for that room.

2. Try to Keep the Pile Direction Consistent While Measuring How Much Carpet Your Room Need

If we consider the above example of T shaped room having a hall 3 by 12 and the room 12 by 9, then there are two options to opt for while making a purchase of a carpet for this room. 

Go For The First Option

For that T-shaped room having the above-mentioned dimensions, you might have to purchase 12 by 9 pieces of carpet for the room and 12 by 12 pieces of carpet for the hall. Yes, it’s a lot of an extra piece that you going to buy, but this purchase will ruin your carpet in the same direction, i.e. in the direction of traffic. If the pile direction will go against the direction of traffic, it will cause your carpet to worn out quickly. 

Go For The Second Option

If you don’t want to go for the first option, that’s okay, you can go for the second one, i.e. purchasing 12 by 12 pieces of carpet for the room and 12 by 3 for the hall. In this option, there will be less waste of the carpet and is the best option, if you are going to carpet the stairs which lead to the hallway. 

Now, you must have the idea to measure, how much carpets Dubai you need after considering these above-mentioned options. 

3. Measure How Much Carpet Your Closet Need

Closets are usually small and dark so carpeting rules here can be broken down, i.e. the direction of the pile can be opposite. Only the large closets have to follow the above guidelines to get carpeted. However, this is an additional step of measuring how much carpet you need for the people who don’t want to install them in the closet area. 

If the closet is of standard size and has a sliding door, the direction of the carpet is not as important. You can lay the carpet there in any direction, but only if it is not patterned. Here, you can use the cut-offs of the carpet from different areas, because the door divides the portion and the direction of the carpet will not be noticeable. In addition, you don’t have to purchase an extra carpet to install in the closet. 

4. Match The Pattern Of Your Carpet Before Installation

While you are measuring how much carpet you need, there is something else that demands consideration, that is the pattern of your carpet. It is the most important thing when you are installing the carpet in your room to glorify it. 

If you have to join the two pieces of the carpet to install in your room. Make sure that the pattern of pieces is lined up. There is always mentioning of the pattern size on the back of the carpet, and this is the additional amount that you need to buy with your actual sized carpet so that you could easily install it in your room with pattern matching.

For example, if the pattern size on your carpet is 3 inches, then you have to buy additional 3 inches for the length and 3 inches for the width of the carpet. 

To Sum Up!!!

Now, you know how complicated are the measurements of the carpet. These are the basics of measuring how much carpet you need. But, if you have some unfamiliar structure of the room, I will recommend having a professional come in your home and do the exact measurements so that you can carpet your living space more perfectly giving it an adorable look.

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