How To Easily And Quickly Remove Carpet Without Professional Help

How to Remove Carpet Without Professional Help

Although carpet makes your home space look much more adorable by its graceful appearance and creates a cozy and peaceful environment. But, at some specific period of time, it comes to its end and you have to remove it from your space to install a new one so that your living place continues gaining some glorification.

Talking about the removal of carpet, most often people hire a professional to do this task. But the truth is, you can Remove Carpet Without Professional Help on your own.

Here, in this article, you will get to know some simple yet incredible steps for the completion of this very task. Usually, people think that it’s a tiring and the most difficult process. Well, it’s not all true. Following these steps will show you how easily you can remove carpet without professional help, on your own, thus saving a lot of money.

Simple And Easy Steps to Remove Carpet Without Professional Help

The steps given below will help you a lot and get this task, i.e. remove carpet without professional help, done in no time.

All you need to do is just to prepare yourself with all the necessary equipment which you are going to read next and follow these steps accurately. Removal of carpet is really easy and a DIY task, if you are motivated enough to do it.

1. Get Yourself Prepared With All the Necessary Equipment

Get Yourself Prepared With All the Necessary Equipment

Before doing anything, you have to get yourself ready enough so that you can do the task easily, without any frustration. So, it is recommended to grab all the necessary things before you start the removal of carpet from your home floor. For the easy removal of this task, get the utility knife, a pry bar, hammer, duct tape, and vacuum.

No matter if you are installing or removing any floor covering, your safety always comes first. Therefore, it is recommended to get some heavy gloves so that you will not get your hand injured, or dust masks so that your eyes get protected enough from the nails. After getting all these things, you can start removing the carpet on your own in a quite easy way.

2. Get Your Room Prepared for the Removal of Carpet

In order to remove the carpet without professional help, the very first thing you need to do is remove all the furniture out from the carpeted place. Also, you will need to clear out a pathway between the room and the outside, so that you could easily take the carpet out after removing it.

Moreover, remove all the baseboard trims and shoe molding around the perimeter of the room before removing the carpet. Because all such things can prevent the removal process and could make your task much more tricky. It is recommended to gently remove all the trims and moldings which are covering the edges or corners of the carpet so that you can reinstall them later.

Removing the Carpet by Pulling it Back

3. Start Removing the Carpet by Pulling it Back

When you are done removing all the trims and molding, start the removal process of the carpet. The easiest way is to pull it back, and for this purpose, you need to have a tight grip on any corner of it.

It will be better if you use a pry bar to grab a corner of the carpets and pull it back. Now, pull the carpet back at once as far as you can, and leave it. As this material is heavy and hard to manage, don’t push yourself to remove the whole of it at once.

In addition, if you can’t remove much of it, then try to pull the carpet at least 2 feet so that it won’t fall back. While doing this removal task, it is recommended to wear your protective gear, i.e. dust masks and safety gloves.

4. Cut the Carpet Into strips for Easy Removal

Cut that part of the carpet that you have pulled back and roll it up. Secure it by using duct tape. Then, cut the entire carpeting into long and straight strips for easy removal.

Do this step by using a utility knife with much care. Then, start removing each strip one by one and roll it up. Secure all of them using duct tape and dispose of them in the dumpster.

5. Remove the Tack Strips And Padding


Remove the Tack Strips And Padding

Now is time to remove all the tack strips and the carpet underpad so that your subfloor could get ready for the next floor covering installation. In order to remove the tack strips, use the flat end of the pry bar under the tack strips.

Then, pull it back with the force or you can use the hammer, so that tack strips could get loose enough to get removed. Wearing the safety gloves, remove the nails out of it, and put the tack strip aside.

Removal of the carpet underpad is very much the same as the removal of the carpet. All you need to do is just grab one corner of it and pull it back. Because it is much lighter in weight, you can Remove Carpet Without Professional Help it easily in one go. Cut it down into the strip, roll all the strips up, and secure them with duct tape.

6. Remove the Adhesives And Clean the Floor

After the removal of the carpet underpad, you will see a lot of adhesives remaining on the floor. It is because the padding is glued down to the subfloor so that it remains in its place. Now, you have to remove all the adhesives so that your floor could look neat and clean.

Use a floor scraper or the flat end of a pry bar to get this done in an easy way. However, this step might take time, but once you remove all the adhesives, your floor becomes ready to get the installation of a new carpet covering.

Clear up all the mess which has been created during this whole process. It will be better if you do vacuuming and mopping off the floor to make it look presentable. After that, your floor is all ready to intensify your home space either by its own charm or by getting the new flooring lodged.

To Sum Up

At the end of this article, I will recommend applying these simple and easy steps while the Remove Carpet Without Professional Help. These steps make this task quite simple for you and save a lot of money which you might be wasting by hiring professional services. But, following these steps, you can do this task on your own in a very simple way.

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