How to Use a Carpet to Make Your Room Look Bigger?

Using a Carpet to Make Your Room Look Bigger

Most often, people have an area in their home which they always want to look bigger so that the entire space could look much more adorable. For this purpose, you can install the carpet in that area, making it look bigger, thus your home space will gain an enchanting statement. But, you have to choose the right carpet and install it in the right way in that space. Otherwise, it could make the area look smaller or the same, and it will ultimately result in the loss of your money.

So, here in this article, I will let you know about how to use carpet to make your room look bigger, and allow your space to gain an attractive look. Following are some amazing tips, helping you a lot in creating an illusion of a bigger room.

Some Practices on Using the Carpet to Make Your Room Look Bigger

Follow these incredible tips in a proper way and let your home space elevate its beauty to the next level. Your space will look bigger if you organize the decor elements in a proper way, and carpeting is of course the crucial element among all.

1. Lay the Broadloom Carpet in the Space

Broadloom Carpet in the Space


In order to make your room look bigger, it is recommended to lay the wall-to-wall carpet. Installation of a broadloom carpet is a perfect choice as it doesn’t let the eye stop, thus giving an impression of the larger space than it is. Moreover, it will be better if you lodge the carpet, which has some contrast with the other furnishings so that your space looks more endearing.

2. Place the Area Rugs in A Perfect Size

Area Rugs in A Perfect Size

Placing an area rug into the smaller space of your room is not the only thing that will make it look bigger. But placing an area rug in a perfect size is the key to making it look larger. Now, the size of the area that you are going to place in that smaller area of your home depends on various factors.

The biggest factor that affects the most is the furniture placement. The right way to lodge the rug into a smaller space having large furniture pieces is that the legs of those pieces should at least be placed on the rug. Also, avoid laying an area rug that is much smaller in size as it causes the room much smaller than the actual.

3. Choose The Correct Color of Your Carpet


Correct Colors of Carpets

You probably might know that a carpet in a lighter shade helps a lot in making a room look bigger than it is. Therefore, it is recommended to make a purchase of the carpet having neutral colors, i.e. beige, grey, etc, or in other lighter shades. Light-toned or earthy-toned carpets are very much in trend nowadays. So, along with making your space look bigger, you will also create a trendy and stylish look.

Moreover, remember that light shades reflect more light than the darker ones, thus creating a more open feeling. In addition, you can keep the other furnishings of that place in your favorite dark tones to make your entire space look adorable.

4. Install A Correct Patterned Carpet


Correct Patterned Carpet

If you like to install a patterned carpet or an area rug in the smaller room of your home, then make sure that the patterns are appropriate enough to make your room look bigger. Now, the size of the pattern, of course, depends on the furniture which is placed in that space. It is right that in a larger room, a carpet Dubai having a large pattern is perfect to get installed, but it is not so true in the case of a smaller room.

Installation of a patterned carpet in small spaces very much depends on the furniture, i.e. if there are a few pieces of furniture placed, then a large patterned carpet or an area rug can go perfectly. But, if that room is crammed with furniture, then considering a carpet having a small pattern on it, is recommended.

To Sum Up

At the end of this article, I will recommend considering these tips if you want to make your room look bigger by the placement of a carpet. These tips are really amazing and work incredibly by amplifying the beauty of your home decor.

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