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Carpet Dubai is the top-rated brand, offering premium floor coverings to the entire United Arab Emirates. We have the biggest network of installing and delivering natural carpets in every region. As a leading carpet supplier, we promote using eco-friendly carpets in your homes and offices.

Sisal carpets Dubai are getting famous because of their simple and versatile appearance. You can buy top-quality carpets made of sisal from our store. We offer different sizes and textures of these floor coverings. Order our carpets online by exploring our gallery. You can visit our showroom also to see the complete sisal carpet collection.

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Enhance Your Place with Our Sisal Carpets

Buying sisal carpets in Dubai is an eco-friendly choice. These carpets are made from the natural fibers of the agave sisalana plant and have the finest texture. Our carpets are made of sisal, which is sourced from Mexico and Central America. Its long fibers are carefully crafted with seamless tufting and stitching to give you the natural charm.

Make your place more beautiful with these sisal carpets. Their composition makes them stiffer as compared to synthetic carpets. The rustic texture of sisal fibers gives a sense of relaxation to your bare feet. You can use these carpets for stair, bedrooms, living rooms and all other areas with heavy foot traffic to give them a serene ambience.

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Trendy Types of Sisal Carpets for Any Interior

Herringbone Sisal Carpet

These sisal carpets Dubai have a zigzag weave to give your interior an elegant and attractive look.

Woven Sisal Carpet

It gives the most classic appearance on your floors. You can add sleek elegance to your interior with this carpet.

Patterned Sisal Carpet

These types of carpets are available with the most attractive geometrical pattern options.

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Benefits of Getting Our Sisal Carpets

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Natural Aesthetics

These carpets have various textures to showcase the natural beauty of long sisal fibers.

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Easy to Clean

It won’t take much time and effort to clean sisal carpets in Dubai, as they don’t absorb dust.

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Our sisal floor carpets will enhance the air quality of your place. They keep the floor free from dust and allergens.

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The fibers of the agave plants are naturally fire-retardant, which makes sisal carpets a safe choice.

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Our carpets are made of the finest quality natural fiber, which makes them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

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There is no chance of fading or discoloration of these carpets, even after extensive usage.

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Get Our Professional Sisal Carpet Installation Services in Dubai

Installing sisal carpet in any place with the right measurements ensures its long life span. Sisal carpets Dubai are made from quality materials, but improper fitting can reduce their durability. We have the best professionals, experienced in installing sisal carpets in Dubai with complete perfection.

They use the most advanced tools and techniques to install these carpets. You can book our installation services as per your convenient schedule. We ensure a stress-free installation procedure and greater durability by providing free floor area measurements. Enjoy the fastest installation of sisal carpet in all high traffic areas by our team.

Why Choose Us?

Carpet Dubai brings you the most amazing collections of quality sisal carpets and rugs in Dubai. Our carpets will serve you for years in your spaces without fading. These finest floor carpets are the best option for floor covering as they are made of renewable sources like seagrass. Buy the best quality sisal rugs and carpets in Dubai from our store and enjoy manifold advantages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sisal is one of the natural fibers used in these carpets. The comfortable surface makes it friendly for pets to play and sit on. These carpets are anti-slip, making them safe for pets to play on these rugs.

There are many benefits of using these carpets in your place. They add a classic look to your place with their natural ambience. You can place sisal rugs and carpets in your homes and offices. Our durable sisal carpets don’t get wear and tear with heavy foot traffic.

Sisal is a natural fiber used in these carpets. Sisal carpets are cheaper compared to other synthetic carpets. You can add natural beauty to your floors with these cost-effective carpets.

Both of these are the natural fibers used in these carpets. Jute is a softer material, making it more likely to get wear and tear in high foot traffic areas. On the other hand, sisal carpet is a more durable floor choice. You can buy premium quality sisal carpets from us.

Yes, there is one carpet type that looks like sisal and feels like wool. The name of this material is sisool. It is a mixture of two materials, wool, and sisal. In this way, you can add the softness of wool and the texture of sisal material. Add style to your place with this unique carpet.


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