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Guide to Residential Carpet Styles

Whenever it comes to installing the carpet as your floor covering, it is always a difficult task to do. Because, carpet comes up in a huge mesmerizing variety, making the selection of it a much more challenging piece of work. No matter, if you are going to install the one at your home, or at the office, there are so many options available in it. Most people look out for carpet styles, so if we talk about the residential carpet styles, you are going to find only a few of them.

Each one of them has its own appearance and specifications to get installed in your living space accordingly. Here, in this article, you will find the complete explanation of these beautifully designed Home carpet styles which you, of course, would like to install in your space, either for a luxurious appearance or to have a soft and cozy surface under your feet and won’t show prints.

Mesmerizing Types of Residential Carpet Styles

The types are given below regarding residential carpet styles, are those which enhance the beauty of your home decor by their beautiful and elegant appearance. They are the perfect choice in regard to their color, style, texture, etc. Having so many perks and adding a touch of style and grace, these amazing textured carpets have made themselves much appealing in the entire market.

1. Saxony Stands on the First Number Regarding Residential Carpet Styles

Generally, when people think of having a residential carpet style, the first option that comes to mind is the Saxony. It has made itself very demanding and has earned a lot of names in the market of carpets by its beautiful and luxurious appearance. It is, ideally, a cut pile carpet having a much soft and cozy surface to get your feet to sink in it while walking.

It ranges from plush carpeting to velvet appearance carpets Dubai. Moreover, it comes up with different options so that you can select the one to match the theme of your home interior. If you want to create a formal look of your space, opt for the straight Saxony carpeting because of its amazing velvety appearance. Otherwise, you can go for the textured Saxony carpet, as it is the one selected by most people every time because they work well in the high-traffic areas.

2. Install Berber as the Best Residential Carpet Style

Berber comes next to Saxony in the race of residential carpet style. Basically, the Berber carpets are those having flecks over them in the dark brown shades over light, i.e. white or grey, base, giving a graceful appearance. You probably might know that Berber is a loop-style carpet that ranges from the small tight loop to the large chunky loops to amplify the beauty of your space accordingly.

With so many improvements in its texture and style, Berber has successfully made itself a perfect choice for residential places. With the solid color and soft surface, it creates an elegant look to your space, thus, making it look much sophisticated and adorable, as well.

3. Select Frieze to Install at Your Residential Place

Frieze is popular because of its soft long fabric (longer than the Saxony), which is tightly twisted and then remains uncut, giving a very deluxe look to your space. Generally, they have increased their durability because of the high twisting of fiber, which makes it worth buying every time for everyone. It is the best option to opt for residential carpet style.

Although this carpet has a messy appearance, because the fiber gets laid in every direction, it still manages to give a very opulent look to your living place. They go perfect in the family rooms and in the basements due to their informal look, yet creating a much trendy and inviting zone for your guests. Moreover, you can install them on the stairs for the unique look of your home.


4. Go for Cut and Loop Carpet Style for Residential Place

You might get the idea of this cut-and-loop style carpet that some of the fiber of this carpet gets cut, and some get looped for an attractive look. With the passage of time, this carpet style has made itself listed in the residential carpet styles because of its appearance and texture. Also, the cut and looped fibers make a pretty pattern on the carpet, which makes it worth appealing.

In addition, this carpet offers a wide variety of designs, styles, and colors so that you can select the one according to your home decor. Ranging from the pin-dot style to the geometric style, there are a lot of patterns for you to choose from. Most people like to buy the linear patterned carpet because it gives a striated look.

To Curl Up

These are the super amazing and beautifully designed residential carpet styles, which add more beauty to your home decor by their deluxe appearance and soft and smooth texture. Making your home look adorable is, of course, the desire of everyone, thus these are the carpet styles fulfilling your requirements accordingly.

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