What Are The Best Quality Carpets?

What Are The Best Quality Carpets

Carpets are the most luxurious flooring treatments that can add beauty and functionality to your living spaces. These carpets are available in the market with versatile materials, designs, and textures. Besides the appearance of carpets, the main thing that people admire is their quality and durability. The quality of carpets depends on how the carpets are made and the type of fiber materials used to manufacture these carpets.

Carpets can be purchased with different pile heights and densities. The fact that they are handwoven or machine-made also determines the quality of the carpets. If you’re planning to buy the highest quality carpets for your homes or offices, you can fully rely on this carpet buying guide in which we have explained different types of carpets based on their manufacturing materials and fibers.

Best Quality Carpets In Terms Of Manufacturing Fibers

Carpets are made of two types of materials, natural or synthetic, that feature different functionalities and floor appearance. Wool, coir, jute, and sisal are the natural carpet fibers, while olefin, acrylic, nylon, and polyester are the synthetic materials. But here we will explore the best types of carpets.

1. Nylon


Nylon is the leading carpeting material known best for its durability. It is the best fiber choice that can be used in public places. Carpets made from nylon are strong, flexible, and used in high-profile commercial areas. It has a range of pile heights, can be dyed, and offers excellent floor decor.

2. Polypropylene


The other carpet fiber in the list of best-quality carpets is polypropylene, which is lightweight but has great tensile strength. Polypropylene is specifically made for high foot traffic places as it can endure weight and foot traffic. You can install carpets made from polypropylene in the stairs carpets and outdoor areas.

3. Polyester


Polyester is a synthetic fiber used in carpet construction because of its luxurious appearance. This is considered the best alternative to nylon and wool. Carpets made from polyester can stand well against harsh conditions. These fibers are impressively resistant to moisture and stains.

4. Wool


Wool has its importance in terms of the highest quality of carpets. It is the most durable choice in commercial places as it is made from natural materials. 100% natural wool is used to make these wool carpets. Besides the luxurious choice, these carpets are highly resistant to dust and fire.

Highest Quality Carpets Based On The Carpets Types

1. Berber Carpets

Berber Carpets

The Berber people handwoven these carpets and are the best floor-covering choice. It comes with a bunch of different fibers that work best to enhance the interior home design. These carpets are relatively more durable than other carpet types. You can buy them in modern and traditional designs with customized colors and sizes.

2. Shag Rugs

Shag Carpets

Shaggy Rugs hold undeniable significance based on their appearance and quality. These carpets feature long and thick piles woven into the carpet’s backing. The long strands of yarn and upright loops give these carpets a softer and plush feel. These carpets offer great tensile strength when installed in low-traffic areas.

3. Saxony Carpets

Saxony Carpets

Saxony carpets are manufactured from 100% nylon and usually come with half inch pile height. These carpets have textured fiber, are of incredible quality, and are best to install in the bedrooms and living rooms. These carpets with deep piles are very hard-wearing.

4. Plush Pile Carpet

These carpets have a cut pile with short fiber to create a velvet-like structure. Because of their elegant look and good quality, these carpets are an ideal option to place in the bedrooms and living rooms.

Improve The Appearance With Carpet Coloring & Backing

Improve The Appearance With Carpet Coloring & Backing

Carpets are constructed with different fiber materials that are different in their features. However, carpet pile and color can impact the appearance of the carpet. The fiber density and pile height can enhance the durability of the carpet—the denser or tighter the tufts and pile yarns, the better the quality and performance.

You can try different colors of carpets to complement your decor. There are two ways of coloring carpets: the dying process, in which color is added to the yarn fibers during manufacturing. While in the stock dying process, color is added after construction. This carpet-dying approach makes them suitable to install under the sunlight, offers outstanding resistance against fading, and extends the lifespan of the carpet color and backing materials.


Finding the best quality carpets can be arduous with the versatile choices available in the market based on their styles, fibers, and pile heights. Carpets are mainly composed of two types of materials that are either natural or synthetic fibers.

If you want the best carpet based on its style and construction. The types of good quality carpets are Berber, shag, plush, Saxony, and frieze. At the same time, the best choice based on modern designs is polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, and wool. The quality and durability of the carpet can be enhanced by purchasing the carpet underlay and checking the quality of the backing.

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