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Types Of Synthetic Carpet

Carpeting, unquestionably, adds a beautiful texture to your entire space, giving a luxurious and cozy feel under your feet. If we talk about the texture of carpets, most people, usually go for the carpets made of synthetic fiber, because, with so many options available in the market of carpet flooring, synthetic carpets have made their own place by coming in a huge variety. There are so many types of synthetic carpets that you can select for your home floor covering.

Many Reasons For Selecting Synthetic Carpets

There are so many reasons for selecting synthetic carpets over natural fabric carpets, i.e. wool, jute, etc., regarding cost, durability, resistance, styles, design, etc. Talking about the types of synthetic carpets, there are four ideal types of them, which are explained here so that you can make an ideal choice for your space.

1. Nylon Stands as the Best Type of Synthetic Carpet

Nylon is, obviously, a well-known fiber of carpeting which has earned a lot of name in the market of carpet for over years. Although it is much expensive, still it is a perfect choice to make because of its resiliency, and strength, i.e. the ability to come back into the original condition after getting compacted or flattered. 

It is the top fabric to choose from the types of synthetic carpets. It is much more durable having a long lifespan of almost 10-15 years, and also, it is good stain-resistant. Because it is protected by a stain treatment sheet which, of course, enhances its durability and increases its lifespan, thus making it much more appealing. 

2. Polyester Comes Next as the Best Type of Synthetic Carpet

Polyester is the most flexible fabric in the carpet industry and has been used as the best type of synthetic carpet for over many years. No doubt, it amplifies the beauty of your entire space by giving it a whole ravishing look. But, one thing that made it worth buying is that these polyester carpets are made up of recycled materials. 

In addition, many improvements have been made to it, thus making it much more stain-resistant, increasing its sustainability, and making it demanding. People, looking out for synthetic carpets, often go for polyester fabric carpets to intensify the attraction of their living space. Furthermore, this environment-friendly carpet is available for you at a very affordable price. 

3. Triexta is the Newest Type of Synthetic Carpet

Although triexta is the new introduction in the carpet industry it already has created a lot of buzz in the entire market of floor coverings. This fiber generally comes from the same root of polyester, but there are several major differences in both of them, which makes the triexta another type of synthetic carpets.

This newly introduced synthetic carpet fabric is much softer than the polyester, and unlike polyester, it is made using some advanced level of biotechnology which utilizes the corn glucose in its manufacturing process, thus making these carpets as environment friendly as polyester carpets are, and reducing the off-gassing. 

4. Olefin is the Finest Type of Synthetic Carpet

Olefin is the finest type of synthetic carpet and is ideally used in the manufacturing of looped style carpets, i.e. Berber. Because its appearance is almost like wool, that’s why most people like to buy such carpets to give their space a more luxurious look. 

Although olefin is not as durable as other synthetic carpets still it is much stain-resistant, thus making itself the best choice for the spill-prone area. In addition, it is also fade-resistant, thus you don’t need to worry about its color, and can easily keep in the areas where you get direct sunlight to enhance the beauty of that area. 

Some Tips to Maintain Your Synthetic Carpet

No matter what type of synthetic carpet you choose for your living space, make sure it does intensify the appearance of your place, enough. And, for that purpose, you, obviously, have to maintain it in the right possible way. So, here are some helpful tips, guiding you on how you can maintain your synthetic carpet and create a comfortable and relaxing environment. 

  • Avoid taking shoes on the carpet. It can damage the fiber of it and cause your carpet Dubai to wear out quickly. 
  • Avoid your pets directly walking over the carpet right after they came from outside. The soil from their paws can settle deep down into the fiber of the carpet, thus decreasing its lifespan. 
  • Treat the stains as soon as you saw them
  • Remove any spilled drink or food from the carpet immediately when you notice
  • Do the basic cleaning process on a daily basis
  • Get some professional services at least once one twice a year

To Curl Up

These were the major types of synthetic carpets fiber that are most commonly used and liked by people. But, before you go out to make a purchase, I will recommend first checking all your requirements and checking for which area you need to buy the carpet, and then make a purchase accordingly.

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