We are Offering Premium Quality Rubber Flooring Dubai

Rubber flooring Dubai is the best solution for places where complete protection is required. That’s why we are providing premium quality rubber indoor and outdoor flooring for all our customers at highly affordable rates. Our flooring is highly durable and safe from the wear and tear of the environment.

The beauty of our rubber gym flooring will make it ideal for every place. You can get every color of flooring from the collection of our rubber floors, so you can match your floor with the theme of your place.

Gym Rubber Flooring

Rubber Flooring Material

The material that we used in the manufacturing of our rubber waterproof flooring is free from all flaws. That’s the reason our rubber flooring is highly durable. For the making of our flooring, we use synthetic rubber, natural rubber, or recycled rubber. Our flooring is ideal for residential and commercial areas.

The material and manufacturing process of our rubber long-lasting flooring are unique from those on the market, which is the reason for the versatility of our rubber floor service. You can use our flooring in the gym, playground, lawns, outdoor areas, basements, garages, homes vinyl, school flooring and everywhere you want.

Interlocking Rubber Flooring Tiles

Get the expert Rubber Floor Services in Dubai

We provide various rubber tile flooring services and have a broad versatility in rubber floor services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Our rubber floor tiles are durable and flexible. We bring a vast palette of colors, textures, and patterns to every area of your home or business premises. Equally friendly to every budget and requirement. We’re offering sublime services at highly affordable prices.

We have high-quality, exclusive, and premium rubber mat flooring products for indoor and outdoor applications. Our durable and long-lasting rubber floor services in Dubai matting possess slip-resistant, noise-reducing, and anti-fatigue qualities.

Our rubber floor Dubai is available in attractive designs and colors, which can add beauty to your place and can also hide the cracks and roughness of your floors. These rubber flooring products are effortless to clean and install, which gives you complete peace of mind. This sturdy flooring also comes with flawless protection against slipping and dripping.

We feature the Top-notch & Largest Rubber Floor Services in UAE

If you want to grace your floors with rubber laminate flooring, then you can come to use it to get the ideal flooring for your place. Carpet Dubai is one of the top rubber mat flooring companies in Dubai that provides cost-effective rubber tile flooring to make all of your interior and exterior flooring decor significantly more beautiful and durable.

We offer premium-quality rubber flooring mats and a diverse rubber epoxy flooring range of gorgeous shades, textures, and designs. These are incredibly durable, soft to the touch, and warm underfoot, making them the perfect choice for any home or commercial space.

We offer comprehensive rubber mat services with versatility in textures, colors, and patterns. For all types of home flooring or commercial flooring installations, rubber laminate flooring is a smarter choice. With the silky smooth texture, it offers excellent slip resistance and absorbs impact and sound much more effectively than other resilient surfaces such as linoleum or vinyl flooring.

Commercial Rubber Flooring

Benefits of Rubber Tiles Flooring

Rubber flooring is the most ideal, perfect, and popular option to furnish floors elegantly. It is also widely used in commercial and residential spaces with massive foot traffic. Rubber floors are highly durable and excellent, with prolonged benefits. It goes without saying that rubber floor Dubai is perfectly compatible with all indoor and outdoor applications and comes in various designs and textures.

Features of Rubber Flooring Dubai

Rubber floors are mostly flawless because of the techniques that we use in the manufacturing of these floors. If you want to know all the features of rubber floors, then here are the most prominent features of our flooring which are very beneficial for you.

Innovative Designs

Our Rubber laminate flooring comes in diverse & versatile designs, textures, patterns, and exciting colors to suit every requirement and style.


It has high sustainability against extreme temperatures, hot and cold weather, and massive foot traffic. Usually, rubber flooring Dubai lasts over a decade quite effectively.

Easy to install

Rubber vinyl flooring comes in various installation options, i.e., interlocking, adhesive backing, glue-down process, etc. All of these are extremely easy to carry out. Moreover, these installations are very budget-friendly and timeless, as well.

Effortless Maintenance

Rubber laminate flooring is a breeze, easy to clean and maintain, and the process is fairly timeless, too. You can easily wipe it with a damp cloth or lukewarm water and have it glisten like a new one.

Soft & Quiet to walk

Rubber flooring Dubai comes with fine acoustic protection and is delightfully soft to walk over. It feels smooth and quiet under your feet.


It is compatible with all indoor and outdoor applications because of its water-resistant properties. It is perfect for moisture-prone environments like playgrounds, lawns, or kitchens.

Diverse versatility of Application

The rubber floor is equally ideal for all industrial, commercial, and residential uses. We bring easy to clean and unique flooring that perfectly suits a hard-wearing environment. Our adaptable rubber laminate floor Dubai is suitable for use in homes, garages, pet areas, playrooms, gyms, and basements.

Rubber Flooring Installation

You don’t need to worry about the installation of your rubber floor because we are here to provide you with excellent installation services for all types of flooring. We have a team of experts with 25+ craftsmen who have more than 10 years of experience in the installation of flooring.

The rates of our rubber flooring installation are highly reasonable because we care about our customers and we never want to burden their budget. As a result, you can easily obtain all of our services at bargain prices.





Why Choose Us?

We have been the best rubber tile flooring supplier in the UAE for many years. When you invest in any kind of flooring in Dubai, we’ll be giving you an excellently cost-effective ROI by supplying you with full-fitting tools. And most importantly, we make the installation as quick and straightforward as possible.

Our rubber gym floorings are designed innovatively as a permanent floor covering as it is highly durable and simple to maintain. We’re offering rubber flooring Dubai in the forms of home gym flooring, rubber vinyl flooring, rubber laminate flooring, rubber playground flooring, rubber outdoor flooring, and many others.

We provide eco-friendly, recyclable, and sustainable flooring along with unmatched customer support. Our professional handymen will delight you with an excellent standard of quality. We will provide the friendliest, most cost-effective, and most efficient carpet installation services all over the UAE.

You’ll be happy to know that Carpet Dubai is also offering free sampling, measurement, and doorstep delivery services. Make a call right now and beautify your floors elegantly with rubber flooring Dubai.

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