Laminate Flooring Pros & Cons | An Honest Reviews in 2024

Laminte Floors Dubai

It won’t be wrong to say that laminate flooring has been a popular choice among most homeowners because of its affordability and classy appearance, which adds worth to their property. However, just like all other flooring solutions in the market, there is an equal share of its advantages and disadvantages.

Here, in this article, we will do an honest evaluation of its pros and cons so that by knowing every aspect of this wonderful flooring solution, you can have this worthwhile addition to your places. Also, we will have a look at the comparison guide of laminate flooring with some other options trending in Dubai in order to give you a clear idea of which option is worth investing in.

Remarkable Advantages Of Laminate Flooring In Dubai

Remarkable Advantages Of Laminate Flooring In Dubai

People prioritize laminate floor covering for their home space because of its astounding advantages, plus it makes them get their hands on it while staying within their budget. Other than this, here are some legit perks and pros which you should know.

Ease Of Installation: One of the key reasons why people love to make a purchase of this flooring option is the ease of installation it provides, saving you the money which most people spend on hiring professionals.

Low To Zero Maintenance: This outstanding flooring requires minimum maintenance and can run for a longer period, meaning it has a higher durability factor, thus making itself a good choice for homeowners in Dubai.

Aesthetic Appearance: It can perfectly mimic the look of real hardwood flooring, thus creating a classy look of your living spaces. After its installation, no one can really tell if it is laminate or a real hardwood floor.

Environment-friendly: Another major benefit to fitting this floor in your home area is that it has an environment-friendly nature, which means it will create a healthy air quality and is a green option to opt for.

Resistant To Moisture: Out of all the advantages, one of the best features is that it is incredibly resistant to moisture and can withstand impact damage, as well.

Major Disadvantages Of Laminate Flooring In Dubai

Major Disadvantages Of Laminate Flooring In Dubai

Along with all the features, there are some major drawbacks of this flooring which can make you think twice if you should go for this option or not, and we have mentioned some of them below.

Prone To Scratches & Stains: This flooring solution is prone to scratches and stains and thus can lose its brand-new shine in a short period of time.

Limited Repairability: There are very few options of repairing this flooring, and most of the time you have to replace the entire flooring.

Easy To Get Damages: It can easily get damaged if exposed to the heavy pressure of water and will demand a replacement.

Cannot Reduce Noise: This flooring cannot reduce the annoying noise thus, you won’t get a peaceful environment.

Comparison Of Laminate Flooring With Other Floorings In Dubai

Comparison Of Laminate Flooring With Other Floorings In Dubai

Well, the market is full of flooring options that you can opt for your home space and can make it look really admirable. Here, we have mentioned the comparison of some popular flooring solutions with the laminate floor so that you can know which floor should be installed in your place.

Hardwood Floor: In comparison to laminate floors, hardwood is more durable but comes with a high price tag and gives a luxurious appearance to any and every area.

Tile Floor: Unlike laminate, tile flooring can be installed in areas that are exposed to water, i.e. bathrooms and kitchens.

Carpet Flooring: Carpet is a cheaper option to opt for than laminate, but it is quite difficult to get clean and demands a lot of effort and time.

Vinyl Floor: It is another option that is available at a cheaper rate as compared to laminate flooring but cannot last longer than laminate and is not resistant to scratches.

Wrapping It All Up

No doubt, laminate is a good choice to make, but after knowing all the positive and negative aspects of this solution, it will now be quite easy for you to make the right decision regarding your next home flooring. Also, it’s equally important to consider your area requirements and your personal preferences before investing in any flooring treatment.

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