How To Clean Carpet: 3 Ways To Carpets Make Look Like New

How to Clean Carpet

You probably might know that carpets are the heart of every home, bring comfort and create a peaceful environment. Carpets stand as the most appealing floor covering in the entire market by their graceful appearance which, of course, makes your entire space look adorable. With that said, you obviously want to keep your carpet always looking clean.

But, unfortunately, it takes a lot of spills, foot traffic carpet, etc which make it unworthy, somehow. In that case, you must be thinking about how to clean carpet in such a perfect way that they continue adding more charm to your beautiful living place.

Here, in this article, you will get to know some easy yet amazing methods using some home pantry items, which help out in the completion of this task, i.e. how to clean carpet. Applying these methods in a proper way, it is guaranteed that you will get your carpet in the brand new look which, obviously, gonna entice your whole space.

Amazing Methods on How to Clean Carpets

The methods given below regarding how to clean carpet in an actual way are some of the simpler and easier methods. They will help you out in a tremendous way, bringing the sparkle of your carpet back, and allowing it to add beautification to your home space. Follow these methods accurately and give your dearest home space an enchanting look.

Material You Will Need to Clean Carpet

Material You Will Need to Clean Carpet

There are some obvious materials which you will need while the cleaning process of your carpet. So, it is recommended to first get yourself ready with all those necessary equipment before starting the cleaning procedure. First thing first, you will need a vacuum obviously to get the basic cleaning of one of your carpets. Then, grab a spray bottle, microfiber cloth, bucket, brush, mop, water, vinegar, baking soda, and salt.

When you get yourself ready with all these recommended items, then you can start the cleaning process. If you have all these necessary items, you don’t find any need to hire some professional services How to clean carpet, and spend a lot of money. You can do this very easy task at your home on your own.

1. Do the Basic Cleaning of Your Carpet

If you do the basic cleaning of your carpet on a regular basis, then there will be a few chances of getting it deep cleaned. Getting your carpet deep cleaned twice a year is enough if you do the proper vacuuming, and take care of it. Following are some steps which you will find much help regarding maintenance/cleaning of your carpet Dubai.

Get Your Carpet Free from Dust And Dirt

Get Your Carpet Free from Dust And Dirt

In order to keep your carpet well-cleaned, you have to take care if the most important thing is that there should be no deep settling of dust and dirt on your carpet. When dirt and debris settle down deep into the fiber of your carpet, they make it look unworthy, which ultimately gives your space a flat tone.

For the proper cleaning, it is recommended to use the vacuum with a strong suction so that it could easily clean even those areas of your carpet which are exposed to high foot-traffic. If you don’t have a vacuum, don’t get worried. You can use a broom or a carpet sweeper as alternatives for floor cleaning.

Get Your Carpet Free From Stains

You can easily get your carpet free from any types of stains if you blot them away as quickly as possible so that they don’t leave any marks and make your carpet look trashy. Always use a clean microfiber cloth for the blotting purpose, to clean the carpet. On the other hand, if there are any spilled food or remove mud stains over the surface of your carpet, then use the edge of a card or the blunt side of your knife to remove the solid particles.

Don’t try to rub a stain with solids, because it will cause them to go deeper into the fiber of your beautifully designed carpet, which is obviously going to damage them. After that, if you notice any stains, you can use the carpet red stain remover for the complete vanishing of an item or you can use the solution made up of the home pantry things which you are going to read in the next following steps.

2. Apply the Distilled White Vinegar to Clean Carpet

Apply the Distilled White Vinegar to Clean Carpet

Although, using the carpet stain to recover over the soft and cozy surface of your carpet is always risky, as it may cause discoloration or any other damage to your carpet. So, here is another solution with which you can deep clean your carpet without hiring professional services, and get your carpet free from vomit stains.

Vacuum Your Carpet

First thing first, you always need to do the vacuuming before applying any other method to clean the carpet. Because, by vacuuming, you remove the dirt and debris appearing on the surface of your carpet, this makes your deep cleaning process quite easy. Also, if you notice any spilled item, drink or food, remove it as quickly as possible.

Prepare Apply the Solution for the Deep Cleaning Process of Your Carpet

Apply the Solution for the Deep Cleaning Process of Your Carpet

Now, prepare a solution of water and white vinegar for the sake of deep cleaning of your carpet so that it could continue amplifying the beauty of your home decor. Mix one part of white vinegar into the eight equal parts of water and give it a good mix. Pout the solution into a spray bottle, and start spraying over all the surface of your carpet, especially where you notice some stubborn stains. This will help them to get removed easily.

Do the Blotting Process to Clean Carpet

Take a clean and dry microfiber cloth for the blotting process. And, start blotting the surface of the carpet after leaving the solution over it for a few minutes. Make sure that you don’t get the carpet diluted with the solution. Spray only once at one area of the carpet. Blot the area by gently pressing the cloth against it. Don’t try to scrub it. Scrubbing won’t help anymore but get the soft fiber damaged.

Let the Carpet Get Dried

After doing all the steps. Now it is the time to leave your carpet so that it could get dried, and add some glorification to your space again. Avoid any foot-traffic over it, until it not dries out completely. Turn all the fans on, better if you open the windows for the fast drying process.

3. Apply Baking Soda And Salt to Clean Carpet

Apply Baking Soda And Salt to Clean Carpet

If you don’t have vinegar available at your home, here is another solution to clean carpet in an amazing way. You can use baking soda and salt and get your carpet cleaned, thus allowing it to transform your living space into a whole ravishing place by its elegance. Follow all the steps properly and get the cleaning done.

Do Vacuuming And Treat the Stains

As already mentioned that you have to do the vacuuming of your carpet first before applying any sort of thing over its surface. After the vacuuming process, treat all the stains which are making your carpet look unworthy. You can treat them by applying a significant amount of stain remover over them. Now, you can move towards its deep cleaning process.

Apply Baking Soda And Salt to Clean the Carpet

Mix the baking soda and salt together. Fill a spray bottle with cold water, and start applying it. Sprinkle the mixture of baking soda and salt all over the surface of your carpet. After that, spray the cold water over it. Leave it for a few minutes. Now, start scrubbing the area with the help of a scrubbing brush, so that the mixture could go deeper into the fiber of the carpet, making it clean in an efficient way.

Clean the Carpet And Let it Dry

Now take a clean and dry microfiber cloth. Start wiping off the carpet. Use clean water to make it easy for yourself. Dip the cloth into the water and clean the surface of your carpet. After that, you may vacuum it or leave it to get dry by turning the fans on.

To Curl Up

At the end of this article, I will recommend using the above-mentioned methods for the proper and deep cleaning of your carpet so that it could enhance the beauty of your space by its graceful appearance. These methods are quite easy and simple to apply and work efficiently in the cleaning process of your carpet.

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