Everything You Need to About Carpet With Foam Pad

Best Carpet With Attached Foam Pads

Usually, the carpet padding that is already installed in the carpets is Kanga (name of a brand, i.e. polyurethane foam cushion) or rubber, but Kanga is more durable. Carpets with attached foam pads are, no doubt, much reliable, thus getting you free from buying another carpet padding to lay underneath the carpet Dubai.

Carpets pads are manufactured separately and then sent to the carpet mills where the manufacturers attach that pad with the carpet in different styles. Here in this article, you will get to know everything about carpet with an attached foam pad, i.e. the pad types, its performance, places to get it installed, etc.

Installation of such carpets will let you free from any extra mess (created due to the installation of a pad before laying the carpet). Thus, they allow you to have a more comfortable, soft, and cozy surface under your feet and to get relaxed.

Best Carpet With Attached Foam Pads

Everything You Need to About Carpet With Foam Pad

A carpet with an attached foam pad is really a good choice if you don’t want yourself to get into the double installation process, i.e. install the padding first and then install the carpet over it.

But, when you get that carpet as your home floor covering, you just need to get it laid down on the floor, and here you go with the same relaxing environment that a carpet padding installed separately underneath the carpet creates.

1. Some Types of Foam Pad Attached with the Carpet (Kanga)

First thing first, starting with the types, we will discuss everything about the foam pad that is attached to the carpet. But, first let’s have a look at the following types of Kanga, mostly used as the foam pad to get attached with the carpets.

Kanga Back

This type of Kanga cushion is most often get installed in the Berbers or Saxony Carpets. It is the most basic Kanga cushion and is installed to the lower end of these carpets Dubai, providing a much soft and cushy feel, to walk on.

But, a major con of this cushioning is that it will not last long and could compact quickly if installed in high-traffic areas. So, it is recommended to install these carpets with Kanga back cushioning attached to them in the low-traffic areas for their long lifespan.

Kanga Hyde

Kanga Hyde is the second form of Kanga cushion, which is much firmer than the Kanga-Back and provides a much cushy and cozy surface under your feet than the first one.

It is of high density, thus allowing you to install the carpet with Kanga Hyde attached to it at the high-traffic areas, because of its long lifespan. It is usually attached with Berbers and high commercial-style looped carpets.

Kanga Gold

It is the high-quality Kanga cushioning that gets attached to the carpets and is perfect for high-traffic areas. It has almost seven pounds of density and is specifically made for high-quality carpets which are installed in well-trodden areas.

It has a long lifespan due to its high density, allowing your carpet to make you feel much relaxed after a whole tiring day.

2. Material Used in Kanga Cushioning Attached with the Carpets

Carpets with attached foam pads are made, to provide you with ease in many ways. The material that is used in these foam pads, i.e. in Kanga cushioning, is much better than the other cushioning material, i.e. used in rubber backing (attached to a foam pad with the carpets).

Kanga cushioning is not like rubber backing that will become like powder or get stick to the subfloor and make it difficult for you to clean the floor when you remove it.

In order to check that out, just take a piece of this foam pad and fold it as tightly as you can for a long time, and you won’t see any cracking or crumbling, thus this feature will make the carpets with Kanga foam pads much reliable than the carpets attached with rubber foam pads.

3. Performance of Carpet attached With Foam Pad

Carpets with attached foam pads are best in the performance, according to the type and place. If you are getting a carpet with low-density padding underneath it, you should install it in the low-traffic areas only. And, if you want to install a carpet in the high traffic areas, go for the one that has a high-density foam pad installed in it.

Make sure you don’t lay these carpets on the stairs so that you can get their longevity for over 10 years without installing any carpet padding separately under the surface of your carpet.

3. Areas of Application

You cannot lay carpet with an attached foam pad, just anywhere you want to. There are some specific areas of its application where they perform at their best. Following are some areas where, when they get installed, give you an ideal performance.

Install These Carpets In Apartments

Being budget-friendly, these carpets are perfect for areas, like, residential rental units. Most often, landlords install such carpets in the apartments because they are not sure how the resident will take care of the carpet.

One of the biggest supremacy of these carpets is that their installation is not mandatory. If you are a resident and want to lay this carpet over your space. You can simply just lay it down, and when you want to leave that place, you just have to simply roll that up without any effort and you are ready to leave.

Install These Carpets In Basements

Carpets that are attached with the Kanga cushioning are just perfect to lay in the basements that are prone to moisture.

Because Kanga foam pads are made up of polyurethane foam and are resistant to mold and mildew, thus their installation in the basement is the perfect choice to make. They are not like rubber foam pads that get expired as soon as they get slightly mixed with the moisture.

To Sum Up!!!

In the end, I will recommend if you are going to purchase a carpet with an attached foam pad, check if it has a Kanga foam pad and its density. Also, make sure you get the one according to the place where you want to install it. These carpets will entertain you with their soft, luxurious, and comfortable surface in every manner without letting you install carpet padding separately underneath them.

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