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What Is the Best Carpet Texture to Choose for Your Spaces?

Carpeting is an excellent economical choice as it gives a comfy look to your house and is highly durable. In case you are thinking about bringing a carpet into your home, it is essential to know various kinds of carpet texture before you buy one.

The carpeting feels rich, delicate, and soft under your feet. It additionally gives a cozy and relaxing vibe to your home and can help you set the environment you need in your home or workplace.

Whether you need it to put beneath your bed or entryway of the bathroom, we have a suitable carpet collection for every space of your home. If you have children at home, you might need a kid’s carpet durable yet soft where children and pets can walk over easily as often as possible. This article will help you find the best carpet texture and color that suits you and your home the best.

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Various hues that carpets offer

Carpet Dubai provides a wide range of carpet hues to match the desired idea of your house carpets. Lighter shade carpets are for smaller rooms as they tend to make your room look more spacious and more prominent. However, dark-colored carpets give your room an effect of warmth and coziness, whereas red carpet texture gives a stimulating effect considered significant for a king bedroom or lounge.

On the other hand, blue carpet texture gives your room a calming and soothing effect. It is a good option for a kid’s bedroom. Similarly, white carpet texture is another soft and straightforward option, but keep in mind that it is difficult to maintain when it comes to cleanliness. White gives an effect of purity, but if it gets just a bit of dirt or stain, it will ultimately lose all of its elegance.

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Types of Carpet Textures

Following are some of the best carpet textures or carpet pattern to consider:

  • Level loop pile

It consists of several loop piles that are not cut. These loops make the carpet textures very tight and durable, which means it is best for high traffic areas as it does not show any marks or stains. On the downside, due to excessive tightness, it lacks the soft and plush feel in it.

  • Berber

It is another type of level loop pile just made of thicker yarn. It comes in a wide range of colors, solid color with flecks of colors and fabric textures. But mostly, it is preferred in a neutral base with flecks of other colors. It is a stain-resistant texture and hides all the dirt and stain pretty well.

  • Cut-loop pile

The most common carpet used at homes due to its middle nature suits both high traffic and low traffic areas. It is similar to the level loop pile, but the loop piles are cut short, which adds the amount of softness to the carpet. Velvet carpet style textures usually fall in this category.

  • Saxony

It’s a cut loop pile carpet tiles textures with more piles, which makes it dense and smooth. It is also useful in durability as the twisted bundles are tightly packed. On the downside, it leaves foot marks and other prints. But it goes best in low traffic areas.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

1. What is the best carpet texture?

You ought to have some information about all the choices to consider regarding texture—as it will assist with forestalling any future doubt. Here are some of the best recommendations:

1)      Level loop pile

2)      Berber

3)      Cut-loop pile

4)      Saxony

2. Where to buy texture carpet in Dubai?

Suppose you are looking for the best quality carpet texture in Dubai. In that case, there is undoubtedly plenty of viable options to satisfy the style articulation. Still, Carpet Dubai is a leading brand that offering quality rug texture & carpets across UAE. . You can choose either online or search for the market.

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