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All You Need to Know About Carpet Runner for the Stairs

Carpet Runner for the Stairs

Installation of carpet on the stairs is, no doubt, a good choice to make, as it covers the complete stairs. But, if we talk about the carpet runner for the stairs, it is a piece of carpet that mostly gets installed on the wood or tiled stairs. It does not cover the complete stair step, and leaves some area from both sides. Moreover, coming up in different colors and patterns, carpet runner has made itself the best choice to opt for.

If we compare the installation of carpet with the installation of carpet runners for the stairs, then it has been observed that carpet runners are now becoming more trendy. They give an opulent look and elevate the beauty of your entire home decor to the next level. Thus, here in this article, you will get to know all about the carpet runner for stairs so that you could easily make a standard choice while selecting the covering for your home stairs.

All You Need to Know About Carpet Runner for the Stairs

As you know that carpet runners basically get installed on the wood or tiled stairs, so the obvious purpose for their installation is safety. Because these (wood or tiled) stairs can be quite slippery and there are a lot of chances that anyone might fall down, getting a serious injury. In this case, installation of a carpet runner is the best choice to make.

Carpet runner for the stair provides you a safe spot to walk on, reducing the chances of getting slip and fall. Moreover, it enhances the beauty of your living area by adding a touch of style by its grace. You can get the one according to the theme of your home interior design.

Also, it reduces the noise, and gives a much soft and cozy feel under your feet. You can either get the premade one, which is usually patterned, or you can get a custom made which is usually manufactured by broadloom. Coming forward, there are a lot of features which are explained next and will help you to get a right one for your home stairs.

Consider the Perfect Width of Carpet Runner

Perfect Width of Carpet Runner

Most often, people get confused while making a purchase on the carpet runner. How much should the width of the carpet runner be for the stairs? This is the most important thing that you should take care of. The width should not be too much to cover the entire step, or it should not be too narrow that you feel like you are walking on the strip.

Let’s say if your stair step is 3 feet wide, then you should probably go with the 27-inches wide carpet runner. And, if your stair step is 4 or 5 feet wide, then opting for the 32 or 33 inches wide carpet runner is the standard option.

Install A Beautifully Patterned Carpet Runner on the Stairs

Beautifully Patterned Carpet Runner on the Stairs

A patterned carpet runner is always the one which looks very luxurious when getting lodged on the stairs. Also, patterned carpet runners come in a huge mesmerizing variety regarding color, style or texture, so that you could choose the one accordingly. Although a patterned carpet runner could elevate the beauty of your living area to the next, but only if you select the right one.

Most often, a patterned carpet looks perfect before you install it on the stairs. And after getting installed, it doesn’t give that attractive look to your space. Such carpets are ideal for the hallways. Thus, it is recommended to go for the non-geometric patterned carpet runner for the stairs and make your entire space look worth appealing.

Get A Custom Made Runner

Custom Made Runner on Stairs

If you are the one looking for a much more subtle patterned carpet runner or with not at all patterns, then you must opt for the custom-made option. Because custom made carpet runners are made out of broadloom, and you can get them in the exact shape or style as you want for your stair-steps. Also, getting a custom made runner is much more inexpensive than the pre-made runners.

Furthermore, it does not require a whole carpet to make the carpet runner for that stairs, so you can easily get the one even at the discounted price. Or, you can get them in pieces to lay on the staircase, which can give a unique look to your place by their stylish appearance.

Lay An Under Pad For More Cushioning

Installing a carpet runner on the stairs is not enough to make the stairs protected. It will be better if you get the under pad installed beneath it for more cushioning and a cozy feel.

Remember to choose the under pad which is thin so that it won’t raise the height of the step. Under pad will create a more comfortable zone while walking up or down on the stairs even barefooted.

To Sum Up

At the end of this article, I will highly recommend considering all the above-mentioned things while you make a purchase on the carpet runner for stairs. Therefore, now it is safe to say that you are going to make a standard choice, thus allowing your home space to gain a whole ravishing look by installing a beautifully designed carpet runner on the stairs.

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