What Is The Best Way To Clean A Tile Floor?

Best Way to Clean The Floor Tiles

Floors, for sure, are our ultimate best friends. However, since you’ve got to pay for anything and everything you enjoy, the same goes for these super sleek friends and servers of yours, as well. Floors, while they look really eye-catching and actually play the most vital role within making up our entire interiors, can also tend to become really demanding at times. 

The Mainstream (Disastrous) Attitude

Not that this demanding thing is actually something extreme that you have to get done with, but merely a nice, favorable, and more gentle cleaning. Yes, that’s what we are up to today at Carpetdubai.ae!. When talking about the cleanliness stuff, one is meant to think that it’s a very obvious and pretty basic thing, (not necessarily worthy of attention!). You’re quite fair to think thus; “What’s about the floor cleaning though? I’ve been doing it for years now!”

Why Is It Even A Thing?

Settle down folks and grab yourself some comforters (food, seating, drinks, people, etc) and we’ll tell you about the bright side and certainly the dark side of not paying enough attention to this very department of everyday domestic errands. 

Here’s The Comeback You’re Meant To Come Up With!

You do clean your floors every day (or probably more than that!), have been doing it for so long, and consider yourself the expert at this job. But for once, ask yourself “Are you really doing it the right way?” or you can go like “What is the best way to clean a tile floor?”. Because that’s one legit point to ponder!

And This Is What We, Your Ultimate Well-wishers Have Got For You!

Tile floors, either you have the fancy privileged Epoxy Flooring or your place has the sweet and cozy Vinyl Flooring, all ask for not just an adequate amount of careful handling but also quite a watchful cleaning and decluttering. This is to ensure the fact that your floors last considerably longer and also they continue to serve you as some really good-at-their-job functional decor elements!

Ahead is what not only be really favorable for you but also a bit accountable as well, for how you’ve been with your flooring, all this time!

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Tile Floor? Essential Tips And Tricks To Follow

The Regular Rule

This is the very way you can carry out a normal or not-so-detailed cleaning of your floor(s), on an everyday basis. These methods mostly include the “dry cleaning” or what you can also refer to as a mere “wiping”. For this purpose, you can consider your physical effort as well as you can go for having the equipment help as well. As for the physical ones, you can go for dry brushing, cloth wiping, or broom sweeping the floors to finely get rid of all the dirt, dust, and grime. 

Post that, or as an alternative to that, you can go over your floors with a nice and cute (they do deserve to be admired, as well!) vacuum cleaner and that little home protagonist will do the job really well for you. This way, you can keep all the accumulations and of course, pathogens residing on your floors at bay, till the very next time these elements get built up, once again. But remember to not overdo any of the above-mentioned steps or you’ll end up with nothing but just some dull-looking and super boring surfaces under your feet.

The Detailed Doing

This one is more of a “watery side” of the cleaning ways and it’s best that you do this after every two or three days, in order to perfectly preserve the appearance and glistening of your floors. You can go for just the lukewarm water, but preferably you should consider a mild (NOT HARSH AT ALL!) floor cleaning substance aka detergent/cleanser, so as to maintain a nice hygiene situation, as well. 

Start off by adding the manufacturer-recommended amount of your chosen cleaner into a bucket full of lukewarm water. (a bathtub, a pool, any reservoir of your choice, you’re totally free to choose!) Jokes apart, and back to our business, you’ll be needing to dip your cleaning equipment in your just-formed solution of water and cleaner, it could be a mop or it could be an absorbent cloth, also. 

Disclaimer: This point, right here is what most folks ignore and also it’s the entire essence of our debate as well. DO NOT EVER GO for cleaning your floors with a water-dripping mop. Go for the damp thing and CERTAINLY NOT the wet one. 

The red alert part is well over, and by now you can continue your working with your mop. Carry out a gentle wiping and thoroughly scrub all of the buildups. Go for frequent dips of your mop in the cleaning solution if you feel the need to. And don’t forget to let your floors get a considerable timespan for drying.

The Particular Part

It’s always the best approach to go for the right products for any and every surfacing. So if you’ve got some particular type of flooring, let’s say a laminate, parquet and Wooden Flooring Dubai one, it will be more preferable if you acquire the intended cleaners for them. This is to ensure that the flooring doesn’t get any excessive chemical exposure or harsh treatment. 

Also, don’t forget to add just the adequate amount of the cleaner or you’ll end up ruining your places, with that overly considerate attitude of yours. Go real mild and go real gentle while you carry out the floor cleaning and this will be your nicest attitude regarding the “What is the best way to clean a tile floor?” approach. Let the cleaner do its job for some good time and you’ll get all sparkling floors once again. 

The Post Procedure

This, as well, is one important fact to consider if you wanna (and you must!) carry out an effective cleaning, and also ensure a good life expectancy of your floors. When you’re done with any and every of your floor cleaning sessions, just let them (and this can’t be stressed enough!) get completely and perfectly. Don’t of course walk over them because all you will be doing is to build up the dirt again that you just did clean a few moments ago. 

This, for sure, is more of common-sense advice and statistically, nobody does that, at least particularly the person who did the cleaning. (Who on Earth would agree to ruin his own just-done-hard work?). However, this very aspect gives rise to another thing which is to go for moving any of the furniture or let’s say those knick-knacks that you organized or moved out your way, prior to the floor cleaning. 

Do not move any of the furniture items specifically and any other object generally while your floors are still wet and in the middle of getting completely dried. This way, you won’t be guilty of creating any scuff marks or scratches on the floor that are most likely and highly prone to be created if you get to move any stuff atop a wet floor. And not to forget that such accidental marks and scratches can turn out to be more stubborn than you can think of, and ultimately are meant to do more harm than good!

The Floor Covering (Conclusion Covering)

That was our time regarding a clean and sleek “What is the best way to clean a tile floor?” debate. We’ve got pretty high hopes for this info to be helpful in relatively eliminating all those crucial yet mostly ignored aspects of decluttering the floors around you. And of course, to bring about a considerable extent of betterment in your lifestyle and expenses, as well! 

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