9 Carpet Trends in UAE | New Amazing Carpet in 2024

Carpets Trend in 2022

Getting your floor carpeted means you are going to have some soft and cozy surface under your feet. Carpet, of course, add warmth to your space, making it look luxurious and glorifying in all means.

Installing carpets in your area is, no doubt, a traditional way to add some beauty to your home decor. But, recently carpet trends has made itself much appealing in the whole market by coming up in the huge mesmerizing variety to make your place look attractive by its innovative designs, styles, and patterns.

Being trendy in the market, carpet is a stylish piece of statement to create an adorable look at your home. When you go out to make a purchase regarding some reprimand, you must want to select the one with which you can set up a trendy look of your place. With that said, here are 9 carpet trends that will help you to beautify your area in the most amazing ways.

Carpets Trend in 2022

Top Amazing Carpet Trends in 2024

While you are making a purchase of a carpet for your bedroom, dining room, or some other outside areas, to add some texture or warmth, you should go for some trendy look-giving carpets so that you can gleam up your area accordingly. Given below are some trendiest ideas to install your carpet over underpad and give a stylish touch to your place.

1. Natural Fiber Carpets Are Always in Trend

You can always have a natural fiber carpet in your place to make it look trendy. If you have two options, i.e. carpet or hardwood flooring, it is recommended to always go for the natural fiber carpet trends, because it gives the same hardwood flooring look while adding some warmth to your area at the most affordable price.

However, hardwood flooring won’t add any warmth to your space, and of course, it is much more costly than carpeting. Natural fiber carpets, like sisal, wool, jute, etc are the common and top picks when it comes to selecting much durable carpet which can also glorify your place.

2. Try Some Trendy Animal Printed Carpet

Animal printed carpets are much in trend nowadays. They give a wholly unique look to your place by adding some charm and a touch of style. Generally, people like to have cheetah or leopard-printed carpets because they give a whole ravishing look to the entire home space.

If you think, such animal-printed carpets will make your home decor somehow overwhelming. Then, just try to keep your other home decor and furnishing quite simple and decent. And, in this way, you can gleam up your place with the unique styled carpets. Also, consider some bold animal printed carpets. Such printed carpets will add a texture to your space, making it look worth appealing and trendy.

3. Stripped Carpets Add A Touch of Elegance to Your Place

Carpets having strips over them will help your room to look wider or larger, creating an innovative look. You can place a stripped carpet in the smaller area and it will add a touch of elegance, making you feel much satisfied.

Ideally, bold and large strips are considered to enhance the decor of the living area. But, you can get the carpet with much thinner strips and patterns to create a more classy and subtle look. Different patterned carpet Dubai is, of course, the favorite ones of most people, but go for the one which you prefer for your place.

New Carpets in 2022

4. Beautify Your Place by Placing Some Rugs Over the Carpets

If you have already installed a wall-to-wall carpet in your home, don’t get worried. You can still create a trendy look at your living space just by placing some beautiful area rugs accordingly over the carpet. It is a great idea to add some extra texture to your space and making it look more attractive than before.

You can select some modern rugs that can add some personality to your space, i.e. lovely boho-inspired jute rugs will give a contemporary look, and make an updation to your already installed carpet. You can select the rugs either in the contrast to your carpet trends or can match them with the interior of your living place.

5. A Vintage Rug is Perfect to Gleam Up Your Space

Carpeting is, obviously, popular due to its soft and cozy surface, so try carpeting your stairs by installing a vintage rug over them and create a soft landing surface. It will incredibly add value to your property by its uniqueness and elegance. Your entire space will gain a luxurious look.

In order to add some more glam to your space, try Persian or Turkish vintage rugs rather than the traditional ones. Of course, installation of carpet on the stairs won’t be easy to go, hire a professional and make your living area look much adorable.

6. Give a Decent Look to Your Room by Installing a Subtle Patterned Carpet

If you are more likely to go with some patterned yet simple carpets, it is recommended to try some subtle pattern carpets for your place. They will not only add some charm to the beauty of your entire home decor but also these eye-catching patterns look more beautiful and create an attractive look of your place.

If you are not okay with the animal printed carpets, you can always go for these subtly patterned carpets. Consider a pretty and elegant square patterned carpet and allow it to lend some elegance to your space. It will be better if you select such carpet in the more neutral colors to give a much decent look.

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7. Glorify the Area with Some Plaid Carpets

Plaid carpets are being traditional yet trendy in the market of carpets, which adds much beauty to your home space. These carpets help to add some depth to your space, making it much more appealing and eye-catching. No matter what, either you want to go with some mixed patterned carpets and with one patterned carpet, considering a plaid carpet is always the best choice.

These carpets not only enhance the beauty of your place but also act as a great framework for the placement of your furniture and lining up other decor items in your home. And, this feature makes it a much better option to opt for your living space.

8. Create A Decent Look By Having a Simple Carpet

If you like to keep your home decor way too simple, and looking out for a carpet to lay in your frequently used room, then it is suggested to install a simple neutral-solid colored carpet. This carpet will obviously give a classy look when it gets laid in the space. And, of course, it will transform the space according to your preference.

If you want something trendy yet simple, you can go for a low-pile or woven carpet and enhance the beauty of your entire home space. Sometimes, keeping it all simple adds too much value to the property.

9. Play With the Patterned Carpet

A patterned carpet can never go out of the trend. It adds personality and an amazing texture to your living space. You can always mix and match the pattern according to the theme of your home interior or according to your own preferences, i.e. in contrast with the walls or other furnishings of the space.

Playing with different patterns is way too much fun, but one thing that you should keep in mind while installing these different patterned carpets in the different areas of your house is that always match the pattern of carpet while seaming. Otherwise, it might dull the entire decor of your place. And, if installed properly, these carpets can make your space look much more attractive than before.

To Conclude

The above-mentioned are some trendiest carpets trends ideas that you can apply to make your space look more unique, elegant, and stylish. Not only do these carpets add warmth and value to your space but will create a much welcoming environment for everyone who comes to your house.

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